It started off as 2 girls getting backstage passes to one direction!What happens when they forget their passes and their future grows from this one day?Read and find out :)


43. The morning after


I woke up and was surprised how good my head felt after last night!!I was expecting to turn my head and find Niall staring at me,but instead i found an empty spot and the noise of getting sick blocked my thoughts.I opened the door of the bathroom and saw Niall sprawled out on the floor .I giggled to myself.Poor Nialler .I went downstairs and got a glass of water and brought it back upstairs."Rough morning?",i asked while handing him the glass.He groaned and nodded gratefully until he fell back onto the floor."Niall you look really bad!!How much did you drink last night?",i asked while laughing a bit.I helped him up and guided him back over to the bed.He got in and i went downstairs.I grabbed some pills,a head cooler,a bottle of water, and a bucket.I put them on the locker and lay back down beside him.He looked at me and was about to say something but stopped and closed his eyes.I laughed a little bit.I heard a knock on the door."Hey!How is he?",he giggled pointing at Niall."The worst i have ever seem him!!", i gigged.He walked over and tapped Niall on the shoulder .Niall groaned.Harry looked at me and laughed at Niall's responce. "Simon called.He wants us to meet at SYCO in about and hour to discuss going back on tour....",he told him.I hopped back and nearly fell of my bed and harry jumped too when Niall let out a massive scream.He huddled the blanket over his head.I burst out laughing.Harry started to ring Simon.


H:Hey uncle si si!!!!!!!!!!

S:Hey Harry,are you on your way?

H:Haha no Niall has a massive hangover

S:Ugh that kid!!Tell him he better get his ass over here quick

H:He is in a pretty bad state !!

S:i dont care

H:Thats nice!! ok

S:Bye haz!

He hung up and Harry looked at me.He picked up the glass and threw the water all over Niall .Niall got up and looked so pissed off."Harry what the fuck!",he sighed."Harry, i feel like shit!",he cried.Yes the Niall Horan cried! I looked at Harry with wide eyes.I hugged Niall and he lay back down.I was getting kind of worried about him."Oooook ill tell him to skype you and  we will have the meeting",Harry said before leaving with the others.I got up and got some cereal.The girls had gone out for awhile but i didn't want to come.I watched TV for awhile because i heard Niall talking.I presume it's skype bacause i don't think he really is that mad to talk to himself!!The girls came back about an hour later with some cake and buns.We grabbed loads of pillows and blankets and watched twilight.I checked in on Niall every now and then.He seemed to be fine and he told me he is back on tour tomorrow and we need to be there super early,Because the had a meet and greet before hand.I hope he is better tomorrow.The lads joined us watching the movie and ate all the buns!!We had fun but Niall wasn't here.It wasn't the best out of all the days i have to say but tomorrow i have a feeling it will be good !!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

ok so that chapter was rubbish sorry!! but tomorrow will be better i promise Xx

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