It started off as 2 girls getting backstage passes to one direction!What happens when they forget their passes and their future grows from this one day?Read and find out :)


18. The hangover

Kaylas pov:

.I groaned as my eyes fluttered open and my stomach was cramping and i had a pounding headache.I jumped out of bed and rand into the bathroom.I felt someone pull me hair back as i got sick and kneel beside me.It was Niall. He rubbed my back and giggled a little bit!.I got up and he gave me a glass of water.I thanked him gratefully.I needed that!He laughed a bit as i gulped all the water down.I looked at myself in the mirror .Shit,i looked hideous!!I splashed a bit of water in my face but,Nope that wasn't working.Ah well it was one of those shit days!!I walked out of the room and saw Niall come over.He was about to kiss me but i turned away.He looked hurt,but i explained."I just got sick,it wouldn't be pleseant",i said while playfully hitting his arm.I ran into the bathroom and brused my teeth at least this would help a bit!

I went down the stairs and everyone was sitting there drinking water.I got myself a glass and sat down beside Abby."How you feeling",Liam laughed while taking a sip of water."Like Crap",i replied while groaning.Everyone started to laugh.I went outside and sat in the sun chairs beside the pool.NIall came out shortly after and taking a seat beside me."Ugh i'm NEVER EVER GONNA DRINK AGAIN",He chuckled."Haha you say that now!",i laughed back."NOOOOO I MEEAANN ITTT,",he screamed but you could hear a bit of a laugh in his voice.I got up about to go inside but i was grabbed back by strong hands."Niallllllll i wanna goo inssiiddee",I groaned.He laughed.,"Well thats not gonna happen is it".he chuckled.He pulled me onto his knees and secured his arms around me.He kissed my neck and kept ahold of me."I LURRVVEEE YOUUU KAAAYYLLLAA",she screamed at the top of his voice and sounded like scooby doo."Shut up hahahaha",i giggled."NO I WANT THE WHOLE WORLD TO KNOW IT!!",HE SAID STERNLEY.I laughed.He eventually let go so i ran inside before he changed his mind!I went upstairs and went on my phone.I decided to check twitter as i haven't checked it in awhile.I was shocked my what i saw.My mentions were fully of people calling me sluts,whores ,that i was better of dead and saying i only wanted him because of fame!There were a few nice ones but they mean nothing when you know what people really think about you!!I logged out of twitter and buried my head in my pillow and broke down in tears.They kept flowing and flowing.This whole relationship is turning into a disaster!I love him so fucking much,but if we never got together NONE of this would ever of happened.He deserves so much better!!Maybe i seam what all those people say i am,but i sure know i am NONE of those.I heard a knock on my door."Kayla are you alright,you've been int here for awhile now",Abby and Niall said beginning to get worried."Ya i-im fine!",i said but it sounded shaky. Niall burst in the door and ran over to me."What happened whats wrong!!",he said raising his voice a little bit.I saw Kayla looking at me shocked at my massive burst of tears."Niall ,your fans hate me!!",i cried.He knelt there shocked for a minute."No No they don't!",he shushed me while rubbing my hair and looking back at Abby to get a tissue.She nodded and ran out the door."Its twitter isn't it!",he said with a bit of anger in his voice.I nodded while looking at him take out his phone."Nobody mean NOBODY , says stuff about my girlfriend!I saw by the Blue reflecting of his phone onto his face that he was on twitter.He looked up at me and said"That should sort them out",he smiled.Abby came in with the tissue and handed it to me."i got some to just don't let it get to you Abs..",she smiled while leaving the room.My phone beeped.

@NiallOfficial : Don't tweet if you know it's gonna hurt somebody,someone always gets the bad end of the stick............hang in there @KayKaycooleo13579 <3<3.I smiled while looking up at him.I  got out of the bed and got changed. Niall was sitting on the bed on his phone.I got into a pair of skinny jeans and a pink t shirt.I went into the bathroom and grabbed a panadol out of my bag and took it, as my headache was still not fully gone.I put on some makeup to cover my flushed face.I went back into the bedroom and Niall was not there anymore.I Ran down stairs and made myself some toast.Abby was sitting on the couch watching sponge bob square pants.I giggled as i sat down beside her. Awh she never grows up i laughed to myself."Feeling a bit better",she asked while taking her eyes of the TV and looking at me.I nodded and smiled.I was about to take a bite of my toast until she ripped it out of my hand.My mouth dropped as she popped it in her mouth."Ohh its on",i screamed.She got up and i chased her around the house !I bumped into Louis on the way and he looked confused."SHE STOLE MY TOAAAAST",I SCREAMED.I heard louis screaming in laughter."Remember never to get on the badside of you",he shouted back.I finally caught her by jumping on top of her.We both fell on the ground in fits of giggles.When we were finished out little moment we went back down to the others.They were watching a movie.I went over and sat down beside Niall .Abby did the same with harry and i saw him kiss her on the head while pull her closer and cuddle. Niall did the same with me.I lay my head on his shoulder .We watched it until about 11 and then we all decided to go to bed.Niall came in with me tonight because i didn't really want to be alone.He put his arms around me and we both dosed of within 5 minutes!


What you think?Ill be adding people into it so comment below and tell me a bit about yourself!!Congrats yahaira you were said in it and you will be brought up later iswell !!Thanks xx love u alllll !!!!!!!!!:):)

-- roisin 

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