It started off as 2 girls getting backstage passes to one direction!What happens when they forget their passes and their future grows from this one day?Read and find out :)


58. The doctors appointment!!:):)

Kaylas pov

We all had great fun last night and i'm so glad to be home!I don't know how i ever left them but everything is finally slipping into place.I looked over to see a sleeping Niall beside me.He looks so cute and peaceful when he sleeps!.Not for long.The doctors appointment is at 11 and it is half nine now.I can't wait to find out the sex of the baby!!You could see a baby bump forming already.I got up and put on a pair of tracksuit bottoms and a hoodie. I tied my hair up but i think i still prefer it when it was brown!I walked over to Niall and kissed him.His eyes fluttered open which made me smile.They were so blue and i just melt at the sight of them!"Doctors appointment in an hour babe!",I giggled as he hopped out of bed and instantley jumped out of bed and got dressed."I'M SO EXCITED !!",He screeched and ran downstairs.I grabbed my purse,phone and money and we hopped into the car. Niall held my hand all the way and i couldn't help but laugh at him as he turned up the radio and sang in a weird accent to the songs.I was getting more and more nervous as the journey went along."Hey you ok?",Niall asked worried.I nodded and smiled."Yea just thinking",i sighed."Of what princess",He asked in a chirpy mood."Just that all i put you through you take me back.Why?",I asked genuinly interested in what he was going to say.He sighed probably sick of me getting so worried all the time.


"I love you so much that i would never let you go!No matter how messed things get we will fix things..together.I have never loved anyone as much as i ave loved you,got it?",He said as he kissed me.I smiled and nodded.We arrived at the hospital and he held my hand up to the reception desk."What's the name?",the woman asked.I looked up at Niall as he looked down confused."I put Horan ,Niall",I smiled.He laughed and told her."He will take you right away 2nd door on the left",She smiled and we walked away.We went in and he set me down on the bed."Nervous Mrs Horan?",He smiled while getting set up."A little but excited too!!",i laughed and held Nialls hand.The screen was on and he was showing me the baby.I saw a few tears slip from Nialls eyes."Man yourself up mate",the doctor laughed at him which made us all laugh.He was showing us the heart beat when Niall inturupted."sorry i'm just dying to know.....girl or a boy?",he laughed.The doctor laughed and spoke."Well judging by this it is a .......oh wait hold on a second!.....i see two heads there!!",he said confused.I looked over at Niall and we were both confused."Looks like you are having twins!!",he shouted.I looked over at Niall and we both burst into tears and hugged eachother."I can't believe this!!",I cried into Niall's jumper.We are having twins this is unblieveable!!"Girls or boys or both?!",I asked smiling."Looks like a girl and a boy to me!!",The doctor chirped."WOOHOO WE CAN HAVE A MINI ME AND A MINI YOU!!",Niall laughed.We left the doctors soon after and thanked him.ME and Niall cried most of the way home and just smiled the rest of the way.We got home and Yahaira was cuddling with Liam on the couch,Emily with Zayn,Abby with Harry and Eleanour with Louis.The girls came running up to me and the boys went up to Niall."WELLL TEELL UUUSSS!!",Louis said with sass.I looked at Niall and smiled.We sat down on the couch and i cuddled with Niall."Ok well there is a boy",Niall said smiling and everyone cheered and smothered us with hugs."But there is a girl too",i said and laughed.Everyone looked at eachother confused ."YOUR HAVING TWINS!!",Zayn and Emily screamed.We nodded our heads and i could see Abby crying so went and gave her a hug."I am so happy for you!!",she cried."THIS DESERVES SOME PIIIIIIIIIIIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA",Liam screamed making us all laugh."Do u have any names you were thinking of?",Yahaira asked smiling.I looked at Niall."How about i name our little  girl and you name our little fighter ?",I asked.He nodded and laughed.This is going to be amazing.I have an amazing life in my oppinion .Now to thik of a name.I know it's early and everything but i want the name to mean something!!Anyway,there is pizza to be eatin!!


Nialls pov

I am the luckiest man alive in my oppinion.I have the best friends,an amazing wife to be,2 children to spoil soon and i just don't think it could be any better!!We were all eating pizza when a thought sprung to mind."Would ye all like to be the aunties and uncles?",I said smiling and Kayla looked excited too."YEEAAHHH",Harry screamed and we all opened a bottle of champaigne!_--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

What do you think?:)Ok so i need your help with names for the baby!If ye comment below with names i will pick 2 within the next week :)Thaaankkkkk yooouuuuuu!! Thank you so much for reading,liking,favouriting it means so much to me :)I love you all!!!!;);)

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