It started off as 2 girls getting backstage passes to one direction!What happens when they forget their passes and their future grows from this one day?Read and find out :)


7. The date

 ---------KAYLAS POV.------------


Abby just finished my makeup and hair and my dress was perfect,lets just hope Niall thinks the same.I am a little nervous because dinner dates are little awkward.....but hey maybe its not a dinner date ,he told me its a surprise ! Abby had just taken a shower and got into some pj's,Harry will love that the little flirt!!I heard the doorbell ring so i ran down the stairs making sure not to trip on me heels!It was a success.I fixed my hair before opening the door."WOW",was all he said ! I felt myself blush as he gave me a boquet of flowers (cheesy much!) "Awh Niall their gorgeous",i said in awe.I saw Harry stumble up the doorstep."A little nervous there Harry are we ?",i laughed He just stuck his tongue out in a way taht said "shut up"."ABBY YOUR LOVER IS HERE",I Sing songed up the stairs."Ok Harry go in sit down ,Ally should be down any minuet .HAVE FUN U TWO BUT NOT TO MUCH FUN!",I shouted"Kayla you'd swear you were talking to a 10 yer old,i can make my way into the house ,jeezoz",he said giggling."Ok byeeeeeeeeeeee",i said before walking out the door.


"You do look stunning", he said as we got in the car ."Thank you your not so bad yourself!",i replied . He had the music playing as he sang along to "still into you"- paramore . I laughed at all the squeaky words he sang.he turned down the music abit."Oh em Kayla i got us somewhere quiet so no paparazi come after us,its somewhere i had to make work and its special",he said while holding my hand .I looked down at our hands that fit together perfectley."ok sure",i spoke quietly.We pulled up outside the beach.This was going to be perfect,i hope.



----------Abby pov.------------


I heard the door close as i quickly  ran down the stairs to harry sitting infront of the tv."um hey harry",i said making him jump."Oh hey love ",he said while getting up and giving me a hug.Wow this is awkward."watcha wanna doooo",he squealed making me laugh."i was thinking watching 'the notebook'?",i questioned."AHHH I LOVE THAT MOVIE ",he shouted while jumping on the couch.LOL."Ok you go put in the movie its on the shelf beside he tv and ill do the popcorn,deal?","yep",he said while doing what he was told.

I brought the popcorn in and sat down beside harry.During the movie i saw him look down at me but i pretended not to notice.He started moving closer,i think he though i didn't notice.I looked up at him thinking he wasn't looking but......i was wrong .Our eyes caught eachother ."You really are beautiful Abby",he whispered.I blushed and looked down.He used his fingers to lift my chin up.He pressed his lips against mine and it wasn't a forced kiss it was soft and passionate.I think i was really falling for him......hard.We finished the kiss and he pulled me closer to him.I had my head on his shoulder and his arm around me.I could stay like this forever.



-------Kaylas POV.---------


We jumped out of the car .NIall went aaround to the boot.He pulled out a picnic basked and we walked down the path and found a place. "Its beautiful",i said in awe."I know u are",he smiled "Ah cheesy are we",i giggled.He laughed.He set everything out perfectley and we sat down.we ate our sandwiches and chocolate coated strawberrys.We talked for a little while just getting to know eachother,before he ran around behind me and threw me over his shoulder."Niall put me down PUT ME DOWN,i giggled while hitting his back.He ran straight inot the water and we got drenched.I stood up and realised how close he was to me."You are amazing Kayla",he whispered."Thank yo--",i didn't get to finish before he crashed his lips to mine.It was so passionate and carefree.He broke the kiss and i blushed."Im falling for you Kayla ,Im falling for you bad",he whispered.He hugged me and picked me up.When we got to the car with everything packed away,I suddenly began to think what Abby and Harry were up to.The whole drive home he held my hand.It was amazing.When we got the house i quickly opened the door and say kayla quickly pull away from harry."Sorry to inturupt you two lovebirds but im hooooooooome",i shouted.Niall kissed me goodbye and Harry did the same to Abby.Once they were gone me and Abby just looked at eachother shocked.Can't wait for tomorrow.

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