It started off as 2 girls getting backstage passes to one direction!What happens when they forget their passes and their future grows from this one day?Read and find out :)



kaylas pov

Today is the night of the concert and the lads are already up.They are so pumped for tonight.It's 9:00 but the boys have to be there at 11:00.I'm wearing a white skater dress with a brown belt and a pair of brown wedges.It looked nice but casual.I walked into the kitchen and Yahaira and Abby were eating breakfast.I think Emily was still getting dressed.I joined the girls with my bowl of cereal."Are you excited for tonight?",I asked them while stuffing a spoon of cereal in my mouth .Liam joined us and Zayn and Emily.I was messing with my spoon until i accidently hit Liam in the face."AHHHHHHHHHHHHH GET THAT AWAY FROM ME",he screamed while running outside and diving into the pool!I stoop there looking at him shocked for a moment and turned around to face the others.They were all in fits of laughter!."He is afraid of spoons!!",Yahaira laughed."Right...Right,because that is so normal",i spoke slowly .Liam came walking in and his cloths were sopping and water was dripping everywhere!!Emily threw him a pair of jeans and a shirt while laughing .He looked pissed off .Niall came in and gave me a hug.We waited for Liam and then we left.It was only a 30 minute drive so we were there in no time!!

We arrived and there were at least 80 fans here already!!The boys waited and took pictures with them.I don't know how they can stick all that screaming!!We ran into the stadium and went down to their dressing room and waited for them.About 10 minutes later they came in and Zayn had no sleeve on his shirt!!Harry only had 1 shoe,Niall didn't have a t-shirt at all!! Like come on how do you possibly take his shirt!! Liam came in with one of his trouser legs ripped and Luis came in smiling like nothing happened at all."Oh my gosh what happened!!",i laughed.They looked at eachother with shocked faces and Liam spoke,"Th-they u-us!",Liam said still shocked.I giggled."I was the smart one and got away quickly!!",Louis smiled.Lou came in and geve them their cloths and did their hair for the show.They had the meed and greet in 10 minutes so they had to hurry.Louis came over to me."Kayla i invited Eleanor to come to the concert tonight do you think she could hang out with you girls while i'm gone?She really wants to meet you please!!",he said a bit nervous and was practically begging me!!"Yea of course!!",i smiled.He thanked me and left with the other boys.I told the girls and they were excited to meet her too.A girl came in about 15 minutes later who i am persuming is Eleanor.I went up and shook her hand."Hi i'm Kayla,Nialls fiancè",i smiled."Hey",she smiled back and came over to us.I introduced her to the other girls and she seemed like a nice girl.We chatted and she seemed shy but the longer she was with us she chatted to us like we knew her forever.The boys came in awhile later and said the fans were really nice,not like the ones who attacked them earlier!!Eleanor left to go over to Louis.His face lit up when he was around her ,it was really sweet."Hey Love wanna come get a coffee?",Niall asked while taking my hand.I nodded and we walked down to the cantiene .We bought a coffee and a cake to share."So you met Eeanor,huh?",Niall asked while stuffing his face whit cake.I couldn't help but laugh at him."Yea she seems nice!Quiet though",i smiled.He nodded."Yea but she will open up once you get to know her!",he smiled and we walked back up to the dressing room.Harry was brushing his teeth and Zayn was singing to warm up.It was time for them to go on stage.We watched them perform and like every other time they were perfect!!


They were just finished "Last firs kiss" and Louis asked a question."OK so we have heard alot of things about shipping names so i would like to hear who you ship!?The crown started to roar."Nayle"! "Habby"!! Zemily!! Lihara!! the crowd started to roar.Then they suddenly started to chant something different."We want Elounor back!!!!!!!!!! they started chanting it and Louis started smiling.The quieted down."What is i told you she was here today?",Louis smirked.I looked over at Eleanor and she was gone so red and started laughing.The crowd started to roar."Eleanor come here",Louis called.She looked at me with wide eyes as Louis came out and grabbed her hand.She started laughing as she got on stage.The crowd was screaming so loudly!!She smiled and ran off stage.I hugged her."They love you!!",i laughed as they started so scream ELOUNOR ELOUNOR!!She was gone bright red now.They finished the show and ran off stage.They were still very pumped and they went down to the after party.We had fun there but we started to get tired.We ate pizza on the way home and when we got there ,no question about it we went straight to bed!!It has been a dramatic day.



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