It started off as 2 girls getting backstage passes to one direction!What happens when they forget their passes and their future grows from this one day?Read and find out :)


13. Telling Them



Shit what could they have to say,i mean everything has been going good except Harry and Abbys little issue but they sorted it out.i heard harry speak "Abby i just got you as my Girlfriend and now this your freaking me out",he said ina shaky tone."Wait GIRLFRIEND",they nodded ."Ahh congrats",she giggled.Wow that was fast i thought.Everything was flowing through my head ,Like why would she take out her phone.I gave Harry a wierd look and he just shrugged his shoulders."I think we should sit down,i mean ye look worried but don't worry we don't even understand yet!!",Kayla said.We all grabbed a chair and sat down.Abby fiddled with her phone a bit while passing it around the table.I saw Harrys Reaction....shit what the fuck is goin on!?It was my turn and i looked around the table to see them all staring at me ..i read.






Ye better fuck of away from harry and Niall. They are ours!And if you don't.....lets just say ye will regret it ?

I cleared my throat "Who is this from",i said .My  voice was shaky."We don't know,were really confused",Abby said clearly.Why would someone send something like this! I mean its over me and Harry so why would they send such hatred to the ones we love . Fans wouldn't do this would they?"What ever it is we need to sort it out quickly,this is creepy guys",Harry spoke."I was afraid ye would get hate but not yet i mean who would find out and get your number!"I said. I got up and took out my phone. I dialed Pauls number.No answer shit.I dialed Liams.


N:Hey mate is Paul there?

L:Uh ya why?

N:can you just put him on please!

L:Niall your freaking me out whats going on?

N:Liam shut the fuck up and PUT PAUL ON THE PHONE WILL U !?

I felt bad for shouting but he wouldn't listen

L:woah!Ya ok ill get him now!

P:Niall whats wrong?

N:Paul Im dating a girl called Kayla and Harry is Dating well actually he has a girlfriend called Abby an-

P: Niall why are you calling me about your girlfriends?

N:Would you shut up for 2 seconds and let me finish !!Any way as i was saying Abby got a message and its not a nice one and i need you to use ur tracking device to find it!I don't want any police involved yet .

P:Shit Niall ya sure ill be over Later on !

N:Thanks paul cya!!

 P:Bye Niall!!




I listened as Niall was talking .Ok a tracking device.......that could work? I was really getting scared now like could we get hurt here?I looked over to Harry and Abby they both looked at me with scared looks.Abby put her hand on mine and leaned over"Its going to be ok ,kayla we will sort it out",she whispered.I nodded.....Hopefully she's right. NIall was finished on the phone.He told us Harry and him would stay with us until Paul arrived.I was happy.Not just because i was scared about all the drama that just happened but that he would be here and we get to spend time together."How about we all go out to nandos while were waiting!,Niall cheered.I giggled "Ya sure Nialler",they Harry and Abby agreed ! 


We all got into the car and Harry drove . Niall said he needed to go to town for a bit so we dropped him there and we went and reserved a table in Nandos! I tried to ask him where he was going but all he did was wink. Weird child....!!We took a table by the wall and the waitress gave us are menus.I felt Niall put his hand on my hand under the table , i looked up at him and smiled."Will fans not notice us here?",i asked."Nah were not beside the window so were alright!",Harry replied.The waitress came and took our orders.I saw her flirting with Niall and i tensed beside him.I think he noticed because he turned to me and kissed me.I giggled and i saw the waitress glare at me.i gave it right back to her!We were finished our meals when Harry got a text from Paul that he would be here in 20 minutes.We left but Niall asked could he drop me and him at the river.We all gave him weird looks but he just ignored them.When we got to the river we stopped."Kayla i love you actually i love you more then iv'e ever loved anyone before!",he whispered ."Wow Niall..i i ---i---i love you to",i whispered back.He looked at me and smiled.He reached into his pocked and pulled out a narrow box."Kaylawill you be my girlfriend",he asked nervously."YES NIALL YES YES I LOVE YOU",i whispered/shouted.He lifted me up and kissed me.It was a passionate kiss that you know meant something.He turned me around and pulled out a silver heart that said "you stole my heart"and in fancy writing at the back it said "i love you".I gasped."Oh my god Niall,its perfect!!"Few",he sighed.We walked back to the house hand in hand .When we got to the house Paul was there."sigh".Back to a scary reality.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

HEYYYYYYY!!!thanks so much for reading once again it means alot!!Dont forget to comment and tell me what you think :):)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I think i'm moving a bit fast what u think??:):)!!?? Twitter ----- @rois_mcl 

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