It started off as 2 girls getting backstage passes to one direction!What happens when they forget their passes and their future grows from this one day?Read and find out :)



kaylas pov

Its 2 weeks until the boys start their US leg of the tour and my birthday, Abby woke me up at 1-0 clock and she is coming with me back to my house to pick out a few things to bring.We didn't do anything the last couple of weeks because the boys had to work on their album.I threw most of my clothes in a suit case and packed my laptop and makeup in it.I took a few towels and shower stuff.Abby stood there watching me because she didn't have a clue what she was doing!!I picked out about 5 pairs of shoes and was nearly finished.I had most of the clothes Maura got me so i was fine.She left about 2 weeks ago because of work and i didn't really see much of her after the shopping spree!!I was finished packing and my bag was bulging!!


We stopped for ice cream on the way back and a few girls asked us to sign their phones.I didn't understand why they would ask us so it came a little bit of a surprise.We took a picture with them and then we left.They seemed nice.I walked in the door and something was really quiet and the lights were off.I turned them on and about 50 people jumped up "SURPRISSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEE"they screamed.I was shocked and wasn't expecting this at all!!"what guys !! OMG THANKK YOU SO MUCH!!!!",i squeeled.I gave them all a hug and then someone came out of the crowd."Mum",i whispered shocked.she ran up to me and gave me a big hug."How did you get here!!",i laughed.I was shocked.She wasn't the best person in the world but she was my mum!!"The boys were planning this for weeks !!They called me and asked me would i like to and i said yea!",she said.I smiled.She reached into her pocket and pulled out a silver pandora bracelet with 3 charms.A rose,a heart and a K for my name.It was beautiful!!"Mum its beautiful",i said in awe.I  thanked and excused myself and ran over to Niall.He picked me up and spun me around."Happy birthday lol",he said and kissed me."I have a surprise for you later on",he smirked.I laughed and walked away."KAY KAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!",louis shouted ran up behind me and spun me around."LOU LOU",i shouted back.He handed my a bag and ran away.Ugh i hate when people give me presents.I looked in the bag and and there was a card.I picked it up and read.


Hey Kayla,

Hope you enjoy your 19th birthday party and here are some presents

love,Lou,Liam, zayn, Abs and Hazza!! XxXxXxX:):):):):):):):)!!!!!!!!!


I giggled and put the bag to the side.I didn't want to open it yet it would be rude!!Harry came over with a ginger head and tall man."Kayla this is Mr Ed Sheeren!",he said in an XFactor voice.I was starstruck!"Hey Ed",i smiled he smiled back.We talked for a little bit and i danced with most of the people...........i knew at least!!It turns out Zayns girlfriend was here and she was realy nice!I chatted to her for awhile but she had to got because she had work in the morning.I couldn't believe people would do this for me!!It was so heartwarming.People started to leave at around 2 ish and it was great fun.Mum i staying in an hotel about 15 mins away from here so she left because she is tired.It was only Me harry louis liam Zayn Niall and Abby left."OPEN YOUR PRESENTS!",Zayn urged and you could tell he was drunk!!I picked out the first one and it was from lou.He smiled at me ."AN IPHONE 5 WHAT",i screamed and hugged him.I picked out the second one and it was from Abbys.She smiled at me and gave me a hug.I picked it out and it was a set of "MAC MAKEUP AHH THANKS ABBBYYY",i screamed.the next one was from liam.I looked at him while opening it and it was a pair of

"beats AHHHH ",i screamed and hugged Liam.The next was from Zayn.It

 was a voucher for "Roxy" i screamed and hugged Zayn.The next was Harrys and it was a pair of wink strapped wedges."
Their awesome AHHH"and i hugged Harry"THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS AHHH YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO DO THAT AT ALLLLLLLLLL",i screamed."Your not finished yet "Niall laughed.I rolled my eyes.He brought in a kennal?And a little Golden retriever pupy hopped out.I started screaming so bad."YOU GOT ME A PUPPY AHHHHHHHHHH"i felt childish.Iv'e always wanted a puppy and now i have one.I got up and kissed Niall.All the things that it needed were in the kennal.Today was awesome."I love you guys",i started to cry a little bit!.I picked up the puppy and cuddled it.Everyone came over and petted him and started playing with him."I love you Niall!",i whispered while he piked me up and i put my legs around him a/nd kissed him passionatly.It was!!"So what about a name?",Harry asked.


What do you think ?!:):) I am going to let YOU decide the name :):)comment below!!

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kik-- rois.<-note the full stop :):) love u all

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