It started off as 2 girls getting backstage passes to one direction!What happens when they forget their passes and their future grows from this one day?Read and find out :)


55. Sneaking out

Kaylas pov

I woke up and sighed.It was 3 'o clock in the morning and everyone was asleep.I felt hot tears running down my face.What am i doing?It's only for a certain amount of time and i will be back right?I will miss Niall so much but i will be back soon.I know i will.I got up and put on a hoodie and a pair of blue skinnny jeans.I quietly took out my bag and decided to write a note.


Hey guys.I have decided to leave for awhile.All of this trouble ye are going through is my fault!I am sorry and need to leave ye alone.I will be back and Niall,i am so sorry.I know i'm carrying your baby but i will be back!The doctors appointment is in a month and i will be back for you to come with me.This is hard and while writing this i am crying.Abby i love you and will miss you but as i said i will be back soon enough.You don't have to worry about me i will be fine and don't come looking either.Please don't try to call me as i am trying to get some time to think.I love you so much and am so grateful for everything,


 I tiptoed down the stairs and hopped out the door.I rolled my suit case about 4 miles down the road and was starting to get tired so i found a park and decided to sleep there for the night until i can catch a bus.



I had just woke up and went downstairs to get food.NIall was home today and we all missed him so much.Kayla was the worst she was so down and looked miserable.I made some pancakes and Niall burst in the door."I'M HOOOOOOMMMEEEE",he screamed.I laughed and ran over and hugged him."Good to have ya back mate",i smiled.He nodded and smiled."Where's Kayla!!I missed her sooooo much.Is she ok and did they catch that Alan fella?I was so worried and nearly left!!!!",he screamed and ran upstairs.I shook my head and laughed while contuing with my cooking.I finished and took out the syrup,lemons,sugar,nutella and sprinckles.It looked pretty good!!I called everyone down and they came pretty quick.My cooking skills doesn that do them!"NIALL FOOOOOOD",I shouted up to him.He still didn't come down so i ran up and went into Kayla and his room.I saw him sitting on the bed reading a note."Uh Niall wheres Kayla and what's that",I asked worried and confused."YOU TELL ME HARRY!!WHERE IS SHE!!SHES GONE HARRY SHES GONE",He shouted and started crying pretty bad.I took the note and read it.Shit.I ran downstairs and showed it to the others.They all got up and were shaking.I saw them take out their phones and started to call her.Tey shrugged their shoulders."Its off",Zayn said shakily.."We need to call the guards!",Liam said maturley.I shook my head;."No they are already on a case for us.We can do it oursleves come on.I ran up to Niall whjo was still on the ground crying.He was hitting the redial button on his phone.I sat down and man hugged him.He have me a horan hug and stud up."I will find her.She is carrying a baby,my baby and she needs me!",He said his voice still shaking from crying.We ran outside and decided to split up.It's early yet so no bus has left.We checked everywhere .We were out of sight of the house. Poor Kayla.I couldn't even say in words what possibly she is going through.I went over to Abby and higged her and kissed her."We will find her don't worry",i whispered.She nodded and wiped her tears.

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