It started off as 2 girls getting backstage passes to one direction!What happens when they forget their passes and their future grows from this one day?Read and find out :)




I woke up the same way i have been the last 3 weeks.Ever since the resturant and that waitress...she was beautiful.She gave me her number that night but i have been struggling to call her.She probobly thinks im never going to call her ..ugh im such a loser cant even call a girl.I picked up my phone and scrolled down to "Yahaira" OH GOD .

L:Uh ..hello is this Yahaira?

Y:Yes,may i ask who is speaking?

L:Yea its uh Liam Payne ,i met you at cooboort

Y:Oh ya Hey Liam !whats up?

L: Uhm i was wondering if you wanna hang out tomorrow maybe go to the beach?

Y:Sure i'd love to !!

L:Great see you then!

Y:yep cya !!

"WOOHOO!",i screamed and Louis came running in with a ..bat?"Whats wrong liam!!",Louis sounded panicked."I just got a date",i said while smiling.Louis just stared at me with a blank face."You doofas!I THOUGHT SOMEONE WAS TRYING TO KILL YOU",he giggled.He left the room shaking his head while i danced around.



Me and Abby both groaned as Mrs Horan came running into the room."Come on girlies ,time to go shoppppiiinnnggg",she cheered.I hopped up and ran into the shower.She seemed so excited and i didn't want to let her down.I picked out a pair of short denim shorts with a blue tank top.It was a nice warm day so did a good choice.Abby was up to wearing shorts ,i grabbed my money , phone and bag and we hopped into Mrs Horan's car and she drove us."So are we excited",she giggled."Yeaa can't wait!",i cheered.We parked the car and we went in .When we got into the first shop she kept coming over "Ahhh this would be georgous on youuuu,im buying it"."NO Maura don't ill buy them myself",but she wouldn't listen.She also kept going over to Abby too.She wouldn't let us buy them and it all totaled to 200E!!She done the same in all the other shops too!!We all came hungry so she brought us to the famous NANDOS!!me and Abby shared a spicy green chilli chicken!It was about 6:00 and we decided to go home."Ms Horan I AM PAYING YOU BACK WHEN WE GET HOME!!",i said sternley.."Take it as an early christmas present!",she laughed."Ok but when christmas comes your not to buy us ANYTHING",Abby said sternly while smiling.When we got home i went straigh over to Niall."Hey love how are ya feeling",i said while giving him a kiss and a hug."Ah im alright,Did mum treat you to anything?",he asked smiling."ARE YOU KIDDING ME SHE BOUGHT US EVERYTHING!!"i laughed with Niall,"You have never told me about your parents",he smiled.I looked down ...shit."Uhm well were not very close but she's the reason im here right now,she bought me the tickets!Her and my dad moved to California while i stayed here in Ireland....He only got a promotion for 2",she said quietly."Oh im sorry love,but we gotta thank her for this uh",he said while pointing at us.I cuddled with him and all the lads came over."Why are you so smiley Liam?",Niall laughed."Meh i have a date with Yahaira from cooboort",he said still smiling."I KNEW YOU WOULD CALL HER",i shouted laughing.We stayed up watching Toy story until my phone rang.Hello ..oh....ok.thats great yea....thanks .bye ,..bye."Who was that Niall asked"."Lucy has been jailed for 7 months!",i cheered.I looked over at Harry and he winked.It must be a relif for him......he probobly regrets it alot.It got late so me and Niall went up to bed.We cuddled for awhile and then fell asleep.

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