It started off as 2 girls getting backstage passes to one direction!What happens when they forget their passes and their future grows from this one day?Read and find out :)


12. Results



The next day i woke up extremely tired.I didn't get to sleep until about 3:00 last night because i was up all night researching.God this is confusing.Niall and Harry are comin over today,i better get up and get changed for another heartbreaking day!!I grabbed my clothes and went into the 


"Ugh", i groaned as i got up of the bathroom floor.Shit i must of slept here all night!All the thoughts from last night came flowing into my my head from last night and i instantly felt down. That's what happens when you date an international superstar.I went into the spare bedroom and heard the shower going."Kaylas up", i thought.I grabbed a pair of high wasted jeans and a blue silk t shirt.I put on a bit of ,eyeliner,mascara,blusher and lip gloss and i was ready to face the horrible day that throws itself at me!I went into the kitchen and poured a bowl of cornflakes.While eating them i had time to think of what i was going to do about all of this.I can't just leave it all behind.I was dragged out of my thoughts when Kayla came running down the stairs."Hey",i said and was surprised at the level of happiness that came out."hey,you heal quickly",she spoke while pouring herself a glass of orange juice."Nope,just thinking",i daydreamed."Uh oh that's always a bad thing!",She giggled."So have you talked to Harry yet?",i asked."NOPE,and i don't want to for awhile either",i said.Just has i said that the doorbell rang."Shit", Kayla whispered.Who could that be i thought as loads of names flowed through my head."Hey love", Niall said as he walked in and gave Kayla a kiss.My eyes widened as i chanted while closing my eyes.And in walked Harry."WHY IS HE HERE!!I TOLD YYOU I DIDN'T WANT TO SEE HIM",I screamed."ABBY please let me expl--",she cried."NO HARRY WHAT POSSIBLY COULD YOU EXPLAIN?!I SAW THAT PICTURE ",I screamed while running into the bedroom i slid down the door and poured my eyes out.





 I hate those fucking papz !! Now iv'e possibly ruined everything between me and Abby! I wouldn't be surprised is she never wanted to talk to me again,but i never cheated on her and thats what she doesn't understand.I instantly went pale as we drove up Kaylas driveway.Zayn,Louis and Liam were in the car wishing me look.Niall was too but he was coming in anyway to see Kayla.Lucky ,he doesn't have anything to worry about.I walked in the door after Niall and saw Abby.She started screaming at me and wouldn't let me talk.Shit.She ran upstairs and i heard the door bang.I started to run upstairs but Kayla stopped me "Harry just leave her b--"<she whispered but i stopped her "NO Kayla She doesn't understand i need to explain!!",i shouted. I ran upstairs and started knocked on her door "Please Abby let me explain!",i pleaded.All i heard was "go away".i had an idea.I ran downstairs and took a piece on paper and a pen.I saw Niall and Kayla staring at me.If she wasn't going to listen she was going to read.


To Abby,

Abby i need you to know i never cheated on you.The girls name is Lucy .She was my ex.That picture was taken just before i broke up with her.She was pretty pissed that day.That was the day after the concert the day i had the date with you!!I promise you Abby!I would never hurt you like that . I'm falling for you Abby! Actually i think i love you.If you believe me which you should ......would you be my girlfriend?!I promise to look after you with all my heart and i will never hurt you Abby ever!Please !!

I threw the note under the door and i heard footsteps.She was reading it.I waited there for about 10 minutes.I was about to leave when the door opened.I turned to look at her as she came out."I'm sorry Harry,i beieve you",she whispered as she came out and gave me a hug.I kissed her head and we stood there like that for awhile."So are you going to answer my question yet",i smirked.She leaned up and gave me a kiss."Does that explain it",she giggled.I nodded my haed and picked her up and swung her around."I love you",i whispered."I love you to Hazza",She whispered back.And that's all i need.We walked down stairs smiling ."All sorted out then?",Niall asked.I looked down at her and back up "Yup",we both giggled together."Ok then,now is the time i think me and Abby have to tell you something",Kayla said seriously.I saw Abby nod and take out her phone.Shit what could this be?






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