It started off as 2 girls getting backstage passes to one direction!What happens when they forget their passes and their future grows from this one day?Read and find out :)


14. Paul and the boys

Kaylas pov.


When we got back Paul was there."Hi Niall,and you must be Kayla",she said as he shook my hand.He seemed nice enough!"OK lets get started then shall we?",he suggested.he pulled out his laptop and a thin device that connected Abby's phone and the laptop.He messed around with it for awhile until he finally spoke."Yep i got something,but it's not that easy and it may take 2-3 weeks.....",ye sighed.Ugh why does everything have to be so complicated."Anyway i better get going,see ye back there?",he asked.Harry and Niall nodded."Hey Kay ,after all this i don't really want ye about here by yourselves.....will ye please come back with us just until i know it's all over?",he asked nervous.I looked over at Abs and she nodded her head."Ye we'll come just let me pack my bags!",i said as me and Abs ran upstairs."So what u think about all this?",she sighed."Pretty scary shit",i replied."Mm i no,we'll be fine tho ",she smiled.I nodded my head in agreement.We ran downstairs with our bags and got into the car.Harry drove this time again so me and Niall sat in the back."The boys are dying to get to know ye ya no!I told them ye were coming and their very happy!They only got to see ye once  haha",Niall whispered."Cool!",i smiled.When we got to the house my mouth dropped.It was amaZAYN (< ----HAHA).Me and Abby looked at eachother and nearly had a heart attack.It was right on the beach ....actually its a private beach i see a sign saying it!It is a two story with balconys and a big open space witha fountain in the middke.It also had 4 sports cars."Like what you see",Liam laughed coming out of the house and giving us a hug.I nodded my head slowly and Niall laughed.The rest of the boys came out and took me and Abby's bags.Hm i could get used to this i thought.I gave all the boys a hug and Zayn showed us our room."Ok love this is your room,make yourself at home.Me and the boys are going for a swim so when your ready you can come out !",he smiled and closed my door.I wonder where Abbys sleeping....


I opened up my bag and started putting things in my wardrobe.I came across my swim wear ,so i abandoned my bag and ran into my bathroom and put them on.Wow this is cool.It had a bath , a shower , a long mirror with a fancy cream sink.This is better then any house iv'e ever seen."Hi love you ok,you've been in there for awhile and were goin to the pool!",Niall asked."Yup Nialler i'll be down in a minute ",i chirped.I heard footsteps go out the door.I hopped out and to my surprise was attacked and lifted up over a shoulder."AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH NIALL PUT ME DOOOOWWWNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!",I  Screamed.He was in stitches laughing .He ran down the stairs with me hitting his back and screaming.He ran over to the pool and he dived in the pool holding me bridal style."I hate you!",i giggled.I started to splash him but he just splashed back.He grabbed me back and started kissing me , so i ducked under the water and popped up the other end.I saw Louis giggling at Niall cause he was so frustrated.I jumped out of the pool and rand around because out of the corner of my eye i saaw Niall chasing me i then  saw Liam dipping his toe into the water.I ran behind him and pushed him in.I was laughing so much i didn't realise he had a hold on my foot and suddenly i was pulled in !!Harry came running and he did a big dive and the whole place was drenched.Abby was close behind smiling."Hey Aaaaaaaaabbbbbbsssssss ",i screeched.She sat at the side of the pool paddling her feet.Baaadd ideaaa Aabbbsss i thought.Just as i was thinking Harry came up and pulled her in.She screamed.We all started laughing at her reaction.All that time with the boys, i forgot about everything else and just enjoyed their company.They were really nice."Hey love",Liam said while sitting beside me."Hey Liam whats up",i replied."Notin,just saw ye here by yourelf look a bit down is there something "up?",he asked worried."Nope",i sighed.I didn't sound very convincing and thats what he caught up on!"Nope! not convinced.............whats up?",he giggled."Ugh you wont give up will you...ok Abby got a message saying to stay away from Harry and Niall or els",i sighed."Oh shit",he said.I told him about Paul and how he was going to track down the phone,but it won't be sorted it out for 2-3 weeks.He was very understanding and told me everything was going to be ok . I think i'm gonna get along good with Liam!It was 6:00 so we all went inside and had a beer.I sat beside Niall and he had his arm around me.I think i fell asleep so he carried me upstairs.I think he thought i was still asleep when he lay down beside me and said "Kayla i love you so much,i wish i could stay with you forever",he kissed my head and we both fell asleep.My heart lifted with them couple of words!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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