It started off as 2 girls getting backstage passes to one direction!What happens when they forget their passes and their future grows from this one day?Read and find out :)


5. operation NIall & Kayla

  ------  LOUIS POV.---------

I saw by the way they look at eachother . Gawd could they make it more obvious! Kayla even has a bracelet saying i love niall so cutttetee! "Niall get your fat ass over here before i make you",i shouted. kayla was in a heap laughing .He  walked over ,all the lads were here to but weren't really paying attention."So  Niall ..kayla huh?",i said not caring if anyone heard.He blushed and turned away because when he's embarresed he goes so red i'd mix him up with a tomato! "I dunno  what your talkng about louis,were just friends",he sighed."Ya you cant fool me buster ,i said while hitting his back.He walked away.Maybe i'm just doing this after my break up with Elenor.I was pretty upset about that and told myself i'd never find someone else.But who knows.

          ------NIALL'S POV-----

Damn it Louis i thought!! I think i have fallen for that girl and i've fallen for her bad.I saw her sitting by herself so i went over."Hey love what ya up ta?",i asked "Nothing much Niall,just waiting for the show ",she smiled."Hm..,are you tomorrow at em..around 7:00pm?",i asked.Shit what if she says no and i just made a fool out of myself damn it !"Uh ya i am actually ",she smiled.AWh that smieeeeeeeeeelllllll i could look at it all day !! "Cool ill get liam to drive us ",i said.I gave her my number and she gave me her address.This could turn out ok i thought !! I heard the screens turn on and the crowd started to roar.We got in our positions.




!Omg harry!!",i laughed and hit him on the arm. I was just telling him about when we lost our backstage passes and about the bodyguard.He made a very dirty statement that i wouldn't like to repeat!! "Listen Abby i have ta go on stage now !",he said while giving me a peck on the  cheak! OMG OMG HARRY STYLES JUST KISSED MY CHEAK ! I FAN-GIRLED INSIDE MY HEAD!!  "Ok Harry break a leg !",I said as he walked to his position . Awh he is even cuter in person. I'd love to get to know him better.I saw Kayla and walked over to her."Hey kay,whats up"i laughed."Oh nothing, just got asked out by a super hot popstar !",she said casually. "WHAT KAYLA TELL ME EVERY DETAIL NOW!Did u say yes?",I SCREECHED . Omg i'm so happy for her!She has had a HUGE crush on him since the x-factor, and now she has a date i hope she said yes,well come on who wouldn't!!."oh well he came over and asked me,gave me his number ,i said no told him to fuck of thats about it",she said. "WHAT KAYLA U SAID NO WHAT THE FU--",I DIDNT GET TO FINISH"Shut up abs,of course i said yes u idiot!,she giggled.OH thank god.



Omg i can't believe he asked my out!!I haave so much to do to get ready i want to look perfect!!I 

told Abby everything and she seemed so happy!"Soooo tell me about haaarryy ",i nudged her.

"oh ya HE FRICKIN KISSED MY CHEAK !!",SHE screamed while whispering at the same time."What OMG abs !!!!!",i hugged her..THis day was getting better and better.We saw the boys on stage and Niall would turn around every now and then and wink at me .Awhh .They are so talented . Can't wait for tomorrow!!

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