It started off as 2 girls getting backstage passes to one direction!What happens when they forget their passes and their future grows from this one day?Read and find out :)


65. Nursery shopping

Kaylas pov


"Niallller wakkkkeee uup",i elbowed him as my alarm went off.He groaned "Owwww".I turned off my alarm and hopped out of bed."Why so early?!",Niall groaned grumpily.I was in the middle of putting a bit of makeup on and turned around."Were going nursery shopping,remember?",i smiled and continued with what i was doing."M hm",he sighed and finally got out of bed.He came up behind me and put his arms around me."We are going to buy the best things for our little muchkins",he smiled and kissed me while going to get dressed.Satisfied,i ran downstairs bumping into Abby n my way."Hey,where u off to so early",she smiled while we both entered the kitchen."Me and Niall are going Nursery shopping today",i smiled as i poured myself a glass of coffee."Awh,have fun!",she giggled and went into the sitting room to watch tv.


"Ready to go princess!?",Niall asked while stepping into the kitched.I nodded and we made our way out to the car."I'm so excited!",he screeched as we were half way there.I nodded,"Me too".We arrived at the store and went in.This place was huge!And my huge i mean a two story shop!I was looking at the clothes when Niall called me over.I smiled and skipped over to him."Mm",i asked."How about these cribs for them", he smiled.There was one pink wooden one and a blue wooded one.They were actually really nice!"Yeah there lovley",i giggled.We ended up buying the cribs,high chairs,play pen,toys,teddys,mats,changing table,bibs, but no clothes yet!We walked out of the shop smiling."How about a coffee?",Niall smirked."YEAHHH!",i shuted,We arrived at starbucks and ordered cake and coffee."You know,all that baby shopping got me really excited",i smiled."Yeah me too!!",he laughed."Thank you",i said after i took a mouthful of cake.

"For what?".

"Everything.I love you so much and am so grateful for everything .So thank you!".

"If anyone was to say thank you it would be me.I love you so much,Kayla",he smiled and kissed me.

We finished our coffee and headed home."WHAT DID YOU GET!!",Louis and Liam hovered over us as we walked in the door.I looked at Niall."Alot",i said and we both laughed."WELL WHERE IS EVERYTHING!"Zayn asked while joining Louis and Liam .I pointed to the car and everyone went and brought things in.We looked at the things for a bit before Emily got a call.


Hey!How are u!!


Yeah sure see you soon


OK bye bye b--bbbbye


"Who was that?",Zayn asked while sitting beside her."Oh Abigal is coming over is that ok?

Everyone nodded and me and Niall exchanged worried glances.


"Hey abigal !",Yahaira said while opening the door and giving her a hug.I went over and cuddled beside Niall while everyone went into the kitchen.

"Ok,this is getting weird who the fuck is she?",I asked Niall and he looked and me with a worried expression.

"Your don't thi-"

"Nahh",he sighed befire i even got to finish my sentance .I'm guessing he knew what i was going to say.

"But she has to be Niall!!",i argued.

He looked at me and nodded."Ok if it's bothering you and your really positive we will find out.

I nodded and we both headed into the kitchen.everyone was sitting at the table playing monopoly.


"Hey,Harry can me and Niall talk to you for a second?",i asked before recieving an evil glance from "ABIGALE".


Harry walked into the sitting room with me and Niall and we all sat down on the couch.


"Harry we are worried about "Abigale",that she is someone else........",Niall sighed.

I saw Harry nod."I thought that too....".

"Ok so what are we going to do then?",i asked with my voice shaking.

"Lets just play it cool and see what happens",Niall said while giving us both a hug.


Once again we went back into the kitchen and noticed Abigale wasn't there."Abigales just gone to the bathroom,do you wanna play?",Yahaira asked.I nodded my head and sat down.


Nialls pov

I'm really worried about Kayla.This "Abigale"girl damaged her before and i don't want anything to happen to her again!When Yahaira said she was in the bathroom something carried on with the game for about 15 minutes and she was still gone."Maybe i should check on Abigale and see if she is ok....",Kayla said.I lookled down at the table and shook my head before getting up."No, no it's fine i'll do it",i said and walked down the hall.*Knock Knock*


Hey uh abigale are you ok,you have been gone awhile?

Oh yea actually i can't get the door open.,i tried calling you but nobody heard me.".

I rolled my eyes at her.This was a trap,i knew the door was perfectley fine.I opened the door and got dragged in.


Hey there Nialler ,miss me.

She had taken her make up off and her wig,whick=h i actually thought was real.


"Lucy",i whispered pretending i was surprised.


She through herself at me kissing me.I decided to play along so i kissed her back. Things got very heated and passionate!I heard a knock on the door.I knew it was Kayla.


"Don't mind her.Keep going.I'm liking it",she winked and went back to kissing me.

I pulled away"Maybe we should go back to the others they are probobly getting suspicious,yeah",i winked.I knew the others were in on my devious plan.I saw her nod and i opened the door.I walked out and say Harry and Louis were on each side of the door ready to pounce.I shut the door as she was putting her wig back on.Silly girl.She finally walked out and they pounced.She shot me a death glare as the boys carried her up to the kitchen.There was a guard  there that took her away.Seemingly she was let out on bail but was supposed to stay as far away from us as possible."Wa-ait can i just say one thing to Harry before i leave?",she asked.They finally let her and i couldn't help but over hear what she said."I love you,never stopped and i know u feel the same way.Ditch Abby ,i know u want me.You always have,babe.I'll see you soon.Love you",i saw her smirk and kiss him on the cheek as he turned away from her.Ugh.Why is our life always so fullof drama.I saw Harry go and kiss Abby .I went up to Kayla and hugged her."Ok everyone.I know this is going to be hard but how about we just pretend that never happened.Put it behind us and move on ok?",Liam stated.We all nodded and dived onto the couch like nothing just happened.


"Night Kayla",i said before kissing her and closing my eyes."Hey Niall,when are we going to get married?",she asked.That question stuck with me."How about we sort that out tomorrow,yeah?",i asked her and heard her agree.All of this drama i forgot we were engaged!!.I fell asleep quickly leaving all the drama behind us.


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