It started off as 2 girls getting backstage passes to one direction!What happens when they forget their passes and their future grows from this one day?Read and find out :)


39. Not again

Nialls pov

We called the police and they asked Kayla a few questions.She answered them perfectly but she is a little bit spooked.I told her about how she ended up here and a little about her ."Oh my god!",she squeeled. "What?",i asked confused."I remember my 19th when you got me a dog?We called him Coco right?",she said excited."YEAH!!",i said hugging her."Anything else?",i asked.She shook her head "No"."Sorry",she said upset."No No this is great !!",i laughed."Hey",Yahaira  chirped coming in and giving us a hug."The other are gone for a starbucks but im not in the mood so i said i'd come see ye!",she said quietly."Cool,any word on Lucy?",i asked getting more serious."Uh well but we know where she's gone!",she said."Oh that's good then,right?!",i asked relieved.The nurse came in and took Kayla's tempature and pain killers for her arm."It looks like you are ready to go home!",she cheered."Really!!",her face lit up.I helped her pack and Yahaira went to tell the others.About 10 minutes later Harry rushed up."Niall,mate i think you need to see this...........",he sounded nervous.I ran after him and saw police parked in around an ally way."Lucy is in there but has an explosive device that could kill her and set fire to the buildings beside us",Abby said with her voice shaking."Shit!",i sighed."TAKE ONE STEP CLOSER AND I PULL THE TRIGER AND WE ALL DIE!!",she screamed."WHAT DO YOU WANT,LUCY?",the head police officer shouted to her. She pointed to Harry.His face went pale and he looked like he was going to pass out.


"I want to be able to feel his precious lips when i wake up, i want o be able to say he is mine!!Bring him closer!",she shouted and her voice was shaky.The police man nodded for Harry to come closer...he had a plan."NOOOO HARRY STOOP IT!!! BRIN---",Abby started screaming but Lucy stopped her."SHUT UP!!ALL YOU WANT HARRY FOR IS FAME AND MONEY !YOU ARE USING HIM I WOULD BE ABLE TO TELL HIM I LOVE HIM AND MEAN IT!!!!!!",She screamed.Abby shook her head and broke down in tears.I ran over to her and put my arms around her.Harry looked at her and at me.He gave me a "thank you" look and he  made pretty clear he was terrified.."One kiss..",Lucy spoke.Everyone looked at eachother confused and i felt Abby tence."NO WA-"Harry shouted but the police officer stopped him.He was whispering something in his ear and Harry was nodding."Tiime iss ticckiiinnngg",Lucy said in a playful tone.Harry started walking towards her.What the fuck..........He got to her and she was about to press the trigar! She tricked him the bitch!!Harry was to quick and her knocked it out of her hand.He tackled her to the ground and locked her hands to the floor.The police ran over and hand cuffed her.She kissed Harry on the way back and he spat on her.She looked shocked and tried to get at him but she was forced into the car quickly.We all ran up to harry and knocked him to the floor with hugs.We were all crying.This shit is too much!!We had to speak to the police for about an hour and Harry was thanked.We were told that she will not be aloud withing 2 foot of us at any time and is prisoned for life as she has committed too many crimes and bad ones too!!We rushed up to Kayla and she was packed and ready."Whats going on?",she asked confused.We all looked at eachother."Nothing",Abby whispered and hugged her.Kayla checked out and we all set home.This was one  crazy shit couple of weeks and i never want to see anything like that again!!We arrived home by Coco jumping up on Kayla.She laughed and knelt down and cuddled him.

"Kayla i was wondering do you want to go for a walk on the beach?",i asked her as she was all settled in.She nodded her head and we started waking."This is horrible you know?Not knowing who i was before this..",she sighed.I grabbed her hand."I know but you remembered some!!I asked the doctor and he said if she remembered some it's most likley to return",i smiled.We kept walking and just chatting like normal people do,until i got fed up and turned her to face me.I kissed her and held her face in between my two hands.She put her hands around my neck.Its been 2 weeks and i've longed to feel her lips on mine.We sat down on the  sand and she looked into my eyes."Wow Mr Horan your Kisses are really powerful!",she giggled.I blushed,got i have to stop doing that!!."I'm know why i know?",she held my hand."No?",i was really confused now.."Because that make out session we just had brought back my past..",she smirked.My eyes widened."OH MY GOD KAYLA",i picked her up and spun her around and kissed her.She smirked between the kiss and we made our way back to the house.I told the lads and girls and they smothered Kayla in hugs.We watched a movie for about an hour and Kayla got tired.I carried her up stairs and layed her down."I love you",i whispered."I love you more",she whispered back."Never",i giggled and kissed her head.She fell asleep instantly and i went on twitter.I had so many mentions!!I tweeted




I am happy to announce Kayla is back and well.Thank you to everyone who supported us the past couple of weeks and the tour is back on!!Love you all my crazy mofos!!


I had replies,retweets and favourites within 5 seconds!Wow their fast.I slept easy that night knowing everything was back to normal.......i hope!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Yay i updated again!!!!!!!!Ok tell me what you think and if you have any suggestions son't be afraid to say ;)!! love u all 


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