It started off as 2 girls getting backstage passes to one direction!What happens when they forget their passes and their future grows from this one day?Read and find out :)


47. Nialls reaction



I let a huge breath out.I suppose he is going to find out sooner or later!I gave him the pregnancy test and he looked so shocked and stunned.He looked up at me.


I'm scared to see his reaction.What is he hates me now!!He looked up and smiled.He picked me up and spun me around."W-ait your not mad out going to le--ave me are you",I said confused and my voice shaking.He looked at me stunned ."Wha-t why would i be mad!I love you Kayla and were getting married...even having a child!!",He laughed and hugged me.He sat down on the bed and just looked at the ground taking it all in."WERE HAVING A NIALL JR!!OR A KAYLA JR!!",he whisper shouted.I was so stunned at his reaction.I thought he would be mad at me....i guess i was being stupid.We sat there in silence for awhile until i broke it."What about your tours and stuff?",I asked confused.He frowned.This is what i was afraid of.."I forgot....but i love you so much ",he smiled and continued."But is it ok if i go home just to get some space ,because this is big news..i wll be back i just need to tell my family and spend some time........i hope you understand?",He said nervous.I felt myself getting teary.This is what i was scared of..he would leave me to sort it out.I was starting to cry now but he pulled me in for a hug and kissed me."Hey hey don't cry!!I love you i just need time babe ill be back in two weeks please understand!!I love you!!I would never leave you i jkust need to sort things out with my family and spend some time with them that's all!!",His voice was shaky now.I understood but it was these moments i needed him here..with me!!To help me through this,but it's only two weeks ..right?

We lay there for awhile but Niall told me he was going to start packing and he had to tell the boys about this!!I was really going to miss him and was very upset that he was leaving!!I guess i just have to understand this is a big step for him too....He didn't pack that much which i was happy about because that means he will deffinitly be back.I am so paranoid,he loves me!!"I love you Niall",I said randomly.He looked up and smiled.He leaned in and kissed me."I love you more",He giggled.I laughed with him.I got up and walked down the stairs because Niall was going to tell the boys over dinner that i was pregnant.This was going to be hard...i don't even this the girls know!!

Niall was leaving at 6 so we had 4 hours to have dinner.Thinking of him leaving split my heart in two and made it bled everytime i thought of it.I just have to respect it....I was torn from my thoughts when Harry came running in and gave me a hug."Kawla can we gwet some pwizza pwease?!",he said in a childish tone.I couldn't help but laugh at him."Yes Harry darling but to bed straight after ok!",i said sternly after.I couldn't keep a straight face and everyone broke into fits of laughter .Zayn called for a delivery and it would be here in 20 minutes.I was getting nervous to tell them now and i knew Niall was too because he was biting his nails..its a pure sign he is nervous !!

We decided to watch a movie when the pizza came.Niall looked at me and kissed me in the middle of it.Liam saw and started talking shocking us all with his remarks."Awhh you two are such a cute couple!!I can't wait for ye to be married and have a family of you own!",I felt NIall tence beside me."But don't start off to quickly because we are too bust on tour and don't have time for baby kayla's and Nialls!!One is enough",he laughed.I was starting to tear was true...they don't have time..maybe i should just leave.I heard him keep babbling along about it and Niall was rubbing my back and pretending to laugh at Liam.It all became too much and i stood up."I'M PREGNANT OK!! I'M PREGNANT I'M SO SORRY !!"i screamed at him.They all looked at me shocked and i ran out of the room.I saw them all look at Niall .He was terrified."Well done !Look what you did now!!",Niall fake applauded and came out to me.I was now flooding the place in tears!!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hey lovlies!! i'm so sorry i havn't updates i have been SOOO busy!!And im going on holidays tomorrow so i wont be able to update this weekend but ill do my best im so sorry ill promise to try.I love you all so much for reading and your all so nice too!!Thanks 



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