It started off as 2 girls getting backstage passes to one direction!What happens when they forget their passes and their future grows from this one day?Read and find out :)


4. Niall and the crew.


         NIALL POV.

Me and the lads were up in the lounge, looking at the  crowds that were outside it was incredible! I was getting a bit nervous because the show started in 30 minutes !! I no your probobly thinking wait...your NIALL HORAN and ur nervous , well you no i'm a human so don't judge me!  "NIALL, come on mate we've to get changed",louis shouted behind me . " ok ok ok im coming just give me a minute will ya ?",jeez thouse lads are so impatient some times.

I was walking down the stairs and noticed paul pushing two girls.They looked panicked and they didn't look like the bad ass tipe.So i ran down the stairs out the door,luckily no fans were around here they all seemed to we around the door hoping we would come out."Hey put them down their with me!!",i lied . WOW she is the prettiest girl i've ever seen! NO snap out of it niall you have to time for girls here,i tried to tell myself But maybe we could be friends..."oh ok Niall im very sorry won't happen again i promise",he reasurred me ."I no it won't your our best security sir!" Come on girls, come with me !



NO no this is not happening. Niall horan is not walking with us !! When we got to his dressing room he excused himself and said he had to get changed.Ya i no what your thinking ,no not in the same room...i no....i wish! With that spare time i got to talk to abby !" WHAT THE FUCK ABBY!",I WHISPERED ! "I no OMG he is even hotter in real life!"she smirked realising he's mine and i will get pissed of." Ya well , Nialls mine so back of ",i giggled.Then i heard someone behing us....SHIT.."oh well, is he now",Niall winked behing me ."Shit Niall i didnt.....i..uh....""No use love it's ok",he reasurred me."so i don't have your names, go on shoot ",he quized."Um well i'm kayla and this is Abby !,i smiled."cool would you girls like to stay back and watch the show from the stage?""uh well i dont want to intrude as such",Abby said a bit nervous."No you wont i'd love the company, the lads get a bit annoying sometimes",he giggled.Wow i love that laugh .I could listen to it all day !

When we got backstage Niall brought us up to the lads.Sigh their perfect."Well hello Ladies,louis chirped!" He started jumping on Nialls back."haha hey louis !",i laughed.God this lad would have you in stiches in no time ! I looked around to tell Abby something but she wasn't there.I started to worry a bit."Hey zayn! Did u see my friend Abby anywhere?",i chirped." ohhh yeaa ,shes um over there with harry !",he smirked. "oh i see",i giggled. I looked over at them to see Harry bent over laughing and Abby with a big smile on her face. Oh Abby i thought.I was dragged out of my thoughts when louis came running over to me "HEY GUUUURRLLL", he screamed !"hahaha HEY LOOOOOOUUIISSS",i shouted back,not as loud this time."Sooo u like Niall huh?",he elbowed me in the ribs and winked!"NO ",i blushed and looked down ."HA  u can't fool me,anyway that "i love niall" bracelet gives everything away!",he said."Ugh ok maybe i do like him ...just a little though!",i blushed "AHHH", louis screamed and started winking! "OPERATION GET NIALL AND KAYLA TOOOGEETTHHAA".He screamed . SHIT i thouht.


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