It started off as 2 girls getting backstage passes to one direction!What happens when they forget their passes and their future grows from this one day?Read and find out :)


33. LOUIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We got home safely that night and went straight to bed!!The boys had a day off  today so we were planning on doing something crazy fun. Yahaira came up with going to Orlando Florida to Disney Land!We all screamed and told our tour bus man who was up and watching TV.He was delighted!!We all hopped on the bus and we were off.We watched videos of it on YouTube the whole way and it looked awesome!We got there an hour later ."OMG we have to go on that",Liam screeched.It was one where you get in a cart and it flies you through a tunnel of colours in a mountain.We did it and i neary died!We did most of them and went to get a burger."This place is mad!!",Niall shouted.

We did about 8 more rideas and i could barley see after them."That was!",i screamed.They all burst out laughing at me."So what next?",Emily asked.We all shrugged our shoulders."Uh excuse me,could i interest you in Chocolate heart making session?",he asked giving us a leaflet.We all looked at eachother and smiled."Yes please",Harry said taking a leaflet.He walked away and we went into the cabin.He Told u shwat do do and we had to grab a partner.Louis came over to me and Niall just went to Liam. We did what he was told and it was time to write a message on it.

I wrote Besties on it and put loads of smiley faces around it!He wouldn't let me see his so i had to wait."Ok i'm finished!",he said while turning it around.I read it and my jaw dropped open.It said=

I have always liked you Kayla and i know you like me so Kiss me?

"Louis!!!",I whispered and shouted as he went to kiss me!"What the fuck Louis is that!",I shouted as  i left the room.Nobody seemed to notice.He ran out after me and pushed me to a wall around the back and started kissing me.I was struggling to get him off and suddenly he fell to the floor."Niall!", I shouted as i hugged him.Louis jumped off the floor and Niall started shouting at him and he punched him."WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOUR ATMATE SHE IS MY GIRLFRIEND!!",Niall screamed at him."I'm sorrry im soorrry!",he whispered and looked at me i just walked away and joined the others on the bus.I didn't feel like explaining to them so i just went into the room and on the bed. Niall came in after me and lay down beside me.He pulled me closer and stroked my hair.I sighed."Its ok baby just relax,Louis know what he has done and he is sorry and he knows he could of possibly  ruined the relationship between you two!",Niall whispered.I didn't reply just cuddled him.We lay together the whole ride and i didn't want to leave.I walked straight past Louis and went straight upstairs.This is going to be awkward between us now ugh.Niall and Abby came up and lay beside me.This turned into a shitty day!!


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