It started off as 2 girls getting backstage passes to one direction!What happens when they forget their passes and their future grows from this one day?Read and find out :)


24. LIAM


I woke up and smiled.Today was my date with Yahaira!! We were going to the beach and i was really excited.I put on a pair of shorts,a t-shirt and a pair of flip flops.I ran into the Kitchen and grabbed a packed of buiscets,a cake and some chocolate coated strawberrys.It was 12:00 and no one was up yet!Lazy....I drove about 2 minutes and parked outside the beach , it was a small beach so you could see everyone.There were only two people here.I looked up from where i was standing and saw Yahaira in a summery beach dress.She walked towards me and i got up and gave her a hug."You look stunning!",i said quietly.I saw her blush.She sat down and i pulled out a picnic basket.I grabbed out the chocolate coated strawberrys."You like ?",i asked."Yea who doesn't !",she laughed.We talked for awhile and got to know eachother. She turns out to very shy which i find cute and she also is very funny!!It was about 2:00 and the sun was shining.I looked up at her and realised how close she was to me.We both looked at eachother and i leaned in and kissed her soft and passionitly.It got deeper and we finished about 2 minutes later.I smiled and saw her look down and blush.I put my arm around her and she giggled.I don't thing she was expecting it but i picked her up and carried her bridal style into the water."LIAM PUT ME DOWWWNNN",she laughed.I started to run and when we got to the water i set her down and she started to splash me!!I pulled her close and kissed her.It was like a movie scene.I looked up and saw something very unexpected .........Zayn?Kissing a girl....!! What ??He never mentioned he had a date or a girlfriend!!Yahaira must of saw me because she said "Is everything ok?",she sounded concerned."...Ye ..uh ye everythings fine,lets get going shall we?",i said.She didn't look convinced but she didn't argue.We picked up our stuff and i dropped her home before going home myself.I couldn't get the thought out of my head!Why didn't he tell me ugh!!Anyway..that was a great date and i have a feeling i will be seeing her again soon.I walked into the house and sat down beside Louis and Harry."Hey guys,did you hear anything about Zayn having a date today?",i asked while looking at the TV."Uh no mate why?",Louis said while looking at me."NO reason ",i chirped.They looked wierdly at me but i just ran out of the room.



I have a girlfriend,there i said it!!We have been going out for a month now but its a secret.I don't want her to get hate so i didn't even tell the lads.Her name is Emily and she is really funny and sweet,but today i saw liam at the beach with his date and well i think he saw me kiss Emily.........shit.I have ALOT of explaining to do.



I was upstairs with Niall and we cuddled for a bit.we have been together 2 months and it was the best 2 months ever!!.He reached for his pocked and pulled out a navy box.I sat up and he looked at him.He pulled out a ring.WOAH!!what ?I what.He must of seen me panick."NO love!!Its a promise ring!!",he giggled.I relaxed."It means that when i put this on you i promise to marry you someday, i love you much!!",he said while kissing me passiontly.I was shocked."Niall-- i dunno- wat to sa--",i said.He pulled out my hand and put it on my finger."I love you too !Its beautiful,",i gasped.It had a silver diamond at the top and a little infinity spiral.Wow i loved that boy.I kissed him again before we settled back down and cuddled for awhile.I can't wait to tell Abby.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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