It started off as 2 girls getting backstage passes to one direction!What happens when they forget their passes and their future grows from this one day?Read and find out :)


51. kayla

kaylas pov

I woke up as normal except in a bad mood .Nialls gone but i just have to forget about that and have some fun!I went downstairs and nobody was up yet.I went to the fridge and picked out pancakes and cream with chocolate sauce strawberrys and some sprinkles! I have been very hungry latley because well.....i am feeding two!!I twirled the cream on then the chocolate sauce with about 4 strawberrys and to finish of sprayed alot of sprinkles on it.I stuffed it into my mouth and then just as i did Louis walked it the door."AHHH WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU PIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!",he screamed as he ran over to me and i quickly swallowed it.I was shocked at him shouting but couldn't help but laugh as he sprayed cream in his mouth.We both burst out laughing.We fooled around with them for awhile until we both nearly got sick."How you holding?!",Louis said concerned while we both went outside and sat by the pool..I groaned and looked at him while he nodded in understanding.I just stared out into the air not bothered to think or speak about things.It was nice just to sit there with someone who understands what you want!


"What was that....",Louis asked while breaking the silence."what-",i was inturupted by a boom of metal and something falling.I started at Louis while he went into the house to see if anyone was there.He shrugged his shoulders and ran upstairs.I went in and shut the door.Coco was whining and jumping around me.This is strange .Louis came running down the stairs with Harry ,Zayn and Liam."What could that of been?I mean i don't see anyone around do you?",they shook their heads and the girls came down.We sat in silence until we got up and acted like normal again because they said it was probobly just a cat or something,but something was telling me it wasn't..........something was telling me that his wasn't just a normal day for us.My phone beeped.




Niall: Hey babe!everything ok? i miss you!!

Me:Yea everythings fine!!miss you more love you:):)


I didn't want to worry him i just wanted him to have that time to think.I mean everythings fine really it was just a noise that was weird....right?"Who wants pizzzzzzzzzzzaaaa?",Emily heered while zayn ran up and twirled her around.I smiled at her and she started to call them."Thats weird.....the house phone line is off",she said concerned.We all looked at eachother and that's when we heard another bang......"Get into the basketball court now!!",Liam whispered while we all ran downstairs and locked the door.I was starting to shake.....alot .Abby pulled me in for a hug and we stayed cuddled in a corner.This is frightining

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