It started off as 2 girls getting backstage passes to one direction!What happens when they forget their passes and their future grows from this one day?Read and find out :)


25. Information


I have been down ever since Lucy attacked Niall and Kayla.I thought she was gone!!I dated her for 4 months and the last 2 months she got vicious....I mean she started to go crazy , by hitting me , and lots of "relationship problems".I should have knew.I mean she had only been divorced 2 weeks before i met her in a night club in London.She seemed like a nice girl when i met her but,boy was i wrong!!When i heard she had been charged 7 months i was relieved,i mean i should be....right?But something in me knew she would be back....i could sence it.She would never give up and thats one thing i know...for sure.I decided to call Uncle Simon and ask him.

H:Hey simo!!
S:Ah hey Hazzy whats up?

H:I have a favour,i was wondering if you could use your connections and look up "Lucy Camebridge"for me?

S:Sure ill send you and E-mail.


I hung up and waited around 20 mins before i got it




Name:Lucy Scarre Camebridge.


Relationship status: Married and divorced.

Address: Unknown.

Family Information:

Father killed at work.


Has been fostered by: kena smith and Sid smith


Criminal Information:Has been in prison 4 times due to Abduction and Murder.

I stared at that for a minute.Wait....LUCY IS A MURDERER WHAT !!I started to panick because if she kept Niall and Kayla what would she of done.NIall is like my brother and Kayla is like a sister to me.It makes me think more of Abby..what would i do without her she was my moon and my everything.I needed more security around here..quick.

Abby came in an d i gave her a kiss."Whats that?",she said pointing to the laptop."Oh nothing",i said while quickly and closed it.She looked at me weirdly but nodded.I picked her up and threw her on the bed and we cuddled for awhile and watched tv.It was nice to relax for awhile with Abby."I love you",while kissing her."I love you too".I didn't want to worry her or the others but maybe ill tell the lads tomorrow.




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