It started off as 2 girls getting backstage passes to one direction!What happens when they forget their passes and their future grows from this one day?Read and find out :)


22. I woke up


I saw them not let  her into the ambulance.I was pissed about that .I wasn't going to argue when i was in this state. A paramedic but an oxegyn mask over me.For some reason ,i am not sure im not a genious at this sort of stuff!! I was quickly brought into a surgery room."You will feel a little pinch and you will drit away",the man told me.Shit.My eyes quickly closed  but i could still hear them.


I felt myself be dragged into somewhere......I heard people.I heard Kaylas voice ,oh how i wish i could pick her up and hold her.I also heard the lads and...mum?She better behave herself in front of Kayla!! I was just half awake listining and i could hear the lads sing.It was about 3 hours later and i could finally open my eyes.Nobody was there only Kayla.I watched hre for awhile before she stretched and opened her eyes.



I woke up and saw Niall was awake ,i jumped and ran over to him.I pulled himm in for a hug and ran to get a nurse.The nurse came in and gave him a pill for his back.She took some tests and left us."Niall ,how are u ",i said stumbling on my words.He laughed and pointed at himself."Sorry stupid question",i giggled.God i missed him.It was only for about 10 hours!What was i gonna do when he went on tour!!We stayed there for awhile and then the lads came in and maura.Niall was so happy to see her and the lads were teary."So you have med Kayla",Niall smiled."Yes i did and she is a lovley girl,i can see now she is the daughter i never had",Maura smiled at me. Niall smiled too.

He got home an hour later and just had a support on his ribs and an antibiotic.We just stayed up and chatted while Maura made us her "Special lasange!" Niall had seconds,I have to say it was FANTASTIC!!We watched a movie and then me and Abby went upstairs."How are ya today"<She asked."...Ok i guess,it will take a while to get it out of my mind but it will go",i smiled.We stayed up most of the night painting our nails and watching videos on YouTube and dancing.We probobly made so much noice but we didn't give a shit!!I felt kind of bad when i left Niall down there,i feel like i should be with him now that he is hurt!!I think he understud though.Its good that Maura is staying for awhile,she seems nice and Niall loves having her around.She wants to take me and Abby shopping tomorrow,Niall told me she is happy to have ye around to spend some girl time.I laughed as he said it becuase he said in a real sassy girl voice.I hope things start to pick up soon.Me and Abby fell asleep while watching YouTube videos.We will be tired tomorrow!!!!!!!------------------------------------------

OK guys im so sorry for a crappy chapter im just really tired !! its 12:30 and im wrecked, i will make tomorrows better though i promise :):)- love u guysssss

twitter- @rois_mcl

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