It started off as 2 girls getting backstage passes to one direction!What happens when they forget their passes and their future grows from this one day?Read and find out :)


67. Harry

Harrys pov

While the others were asleep i woke up by my phone beeping.I looked at the number but it was blocked.I opened up the message and groaned.Abby was beside me but was still asleep.It read




Hey there Harry ;)This is "Abigale" meet me at the park in 10 or you will regret it.Or let's say a little someone close to you will pay..........

Why can't she just leave us alone and accept the fact that i have moved on!I know i should be worried but i just want to get this over and done with to be honest.I got dressed and silently walked out of the room making sure i didn't wake Abby up.I grabbed an apple and hopped into the car.It was 5:00am,could she not wait until i was awake?no?


I arrived at the park feeling pretty confident.I hopped out of the car and walked in the gate to see "Abigale" sitting on the swing.She looked up and started walking towards me.I thought to myself if i should take a step back but i decided i had to look confident."Harry,you came",she purred while standing quite close to me."Yes i fucking came what do you want?",i asked getting annoyed."You",she said simply while putting her hand on my neck,which i quickly slapped off."This is getting old....Lucy.I have a girlfriend who i love dearly and you are just ex!",i said the last part louder so she would get the point which clearly she didn't .She looked hurt but i really didn't care so i just stoop with her looking at not taking her eyes of me.The next second i know her lips are on mine moving in sync.I couldn't help get a tingling feeling doing so.I pulled away shocked at what i was doing and turned to walk away but she pulled me back."You know you want to Harry",she whispered.The odd thing was..i did.I love Abby more and i don't understand why i am doing this!I can't help the feeling i just got when she kissed me.Lucy ruined our past few years and she hurt my friends which i can not tolerate.I cam out here to sort things out not to make out with a murderer!!"Come on Harry,one more time and i will let you go",she asked.I nodded and leaned in.Our lips wore moving in sync and i was.....enjoying it.I hardly have feelings for her do i ?NO i love Abby and that's how it will be forever.Lucy is a horrible person and i wont let her hurt my friends again.I stopped the kiss ,looked into her eyes and saw the Lucy i saw 3 years ago.The fun,cute,sweet and caring Lucy.The one i fell for.I looked away and ran for my car before speeding down the road.What did i do.I just cheated on my girlfriend!I had to do it though.\If i dodn't she would of hurt Abby i know she would have!I did it because i love Abby.Yes,i they may have brought back my feelings for Lucy but i have to ignore them and stay the hell away from her as possible.I reached into my pocket to look for my phone but i remembered i left it on my locker at home.I ignored it went back to thinking what i was going to do.This was our little secret....


Abby's pov


I turned over and was surprised to see no Harry lying beside me.I got up and looked around.I was still half asleep but saw the bathroom door was open and no Harry there.It was 6:00am and i was starting to get worried.I got my phone and started calling him but i saw his phone light up beside me.Damn it Harry!I opened his phone to see he had is messages open.There was one saying to meet them at the park or he will regret it!Shit i hope he is ok.I was starting to panick before i heard the door shut and him coming upstairs.I pretended to be asleep and he hopped in beside me.If he doesn't say something about this tomorrow something is up....for now i just have to hope everything is ok.So much drama god damn it!

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