It started off as 2 girls getting backstage passes to one direction!What happens when they forget their passes and their future grows from this one day?Read and find out :)


6. Getting ready/phone call

-----KAYLAS POV---


I woke up with a big smile on my face.Today was my date with Niall and i am beyond excited! It was only 12:00am! Ah its to long ,so i decided to ring Abby.

K: Hey Abs ! would u please come over ? My date with Niall isn't until seven and i need to wast time!!IM TOO EXCITED!!

A:hahaha ya sure ill be over in about 10 minuted cya !


Thank god i thought ! About 20 minutes late there was a knock on the door.I ran down the stairs and was greeted my a massive hug and we both fell on the floor laughing !"Kaaayyyylaaaa!I went to the shop and picked out the cutest dress EVVAAA",she screamed.Oh crap.....lets just say Abby doesn't have the best fashion sense! She pulled out a lace black and white skater dress. I have to say.......i was surprised was gorgeous!! I have a feeling this was going to be the best night of my life.

We sat around and ate chocolate and watched shreck (our favourite movie of all time).At about 6 we went upstairs and i let Abby do my makeup."Hey uh you think you could ask Niall ...em does Harry ever talk about me?",she said shyly."you know not that i realy give a shit or anyt-" "ABBY ARE YOU STUPID OR SOMETHING, HARRY LIKEEEES UUUUUUU! HE WOULD NEVER SIT,TALK ,LAUGH AND KISS YOU IF HE DIDN'T LIKE YOU ",I said clearly so she heard me correctly."I no kay but ,maybe he does that to all the girls that come at him...ya no ? "Just shut up and do my makeup if u don't believe me",i laughed.Just as she was putting foundation on, my phone started to ring .It was Niall ."OMG ABBY ITS NIALL ITS NIALL" I SCREAMED. She was in stitches laughing at my massive outburst."put it on speaker",she chirped.

N:Hey babe!

K:Hey Nialler !Whats up?

N:nothing just wanted to reasure you we'll be here in about 40 minutes ! Can't wait.

K:What do you mean "we"?

It was then i remembered Liam was driving us and i instantley felt like an idiot

N:oh ya i forgot to tell ya well um Liam couldn't drive because he has a date with danielle ,so i got Harry to . He won't shut up about Abby ! It's driving me crazy hahaha!!

I heard Harry in the background telling him to shut up.I wouldn't blame him  would be so embarressed haha!!

K: ohhhhh Cool accccccctualy Abby is here right now ,tell harry he can come over and keep Her "company" 

Abby started hitting me and whispering/shouted that she wasn't ready and that she needed a shower and get changed!!i just kept sticking my tongue out at her and winking.

N:ah ya he'd love that and it would give the other lads a break from him talking about her haha!!

K :Cool see ya later Nialler !!


I hung up and Abbys mood changed from terrifiedto extremley excited !" THANK YOU THANK YOU KAY KAY AHHHHH I HAVE MY FIRST DATE WITH HARRY STYLES!!!!!!!!!", she screamed.WOW this could be interesting.


ok i no i said i wouldnt update until tomorrow but well....i got bored so here it is :):)hope u like it !!

twitter- @rois_mcl

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