It started off as 2 girls getting backstage passes to one direction!What happens when they forget their passes and their future grows from this one day?Read and find out :)


34. Finding the right girl


I woke up as normal.Got up and got dressed.I was about to walk downstairs until i remembered yesterday."UGGGHHHHHHHH",i groaned. Niall must of heard and came over and hugged me."Go on love , i know it's awkward but you have to sooner or later!",he smiled.I kissed him and walked down the stairs.Luckily nobody was there only Yahaira."Hey",I smiled."Hey i made you pancakes there in the are you",she said with a sorrow smile.I shrugged my shoulders."Everything will work out eventually",i sighed and thanked her for the pancakes.We chatted until she excused herself and said she had to go to work.Liam came down and kissed her goodbye.I got up and done the dishes.I felt everyones eyes on me and t was very uncomfortable...I need air,i thought.I stepped out the door and who walked in but LOUIS FUCKING TOMLINSON!Well....shit."Kayla i-",he was about to say but i stopped him and walked out.I grabbed my coat,runners and phone and went out for a jog.I needed to clear my head about this.I stopped at the wore down playground and pushed myself on a swing.I was dragged out of my thoughts when Louis took a seat beside me.I didn't look up."Kayla i need to ex--",once again i didn't let him finish."Why?Louis....why?why would you do that!I mean you knew i was with Niall!!",i shouted."I know Kayla!I don't know alright, i guess i'm just jealous!",he sighed frustrated."Jealous of what?",i asked."I dunno!!You and Niall are perfect and your beautiful and i don't have a girl!!I miss having somebody to love and hold ......ya no!",he said close to tears.I smiled."Well Mr Tomlinson go home and get changes because me and you are going to find you a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!",i said amused."Nooo nooo Kayyllaaaaaa noooo",he said nervous."Remember when you tried to force me and Niall and get us to be a couple?",i asked."mm",he mumbled.He got the idea!I got a lift with him and ran in the door.I kissed Niall and ran upstairs with Louis.They all looked at me confused.I picked him out a black shirt with toms and a pair of jeans.I blow dried his hair into a quiff and he was ready!!I ran into my room and but on a black dress and curled my hair.This is gonna me GOOOOOOD!!I ran downstairs in my red and black heels and kissed Niall."Wha--whats goin on",he asked nervously."Tonight Mr Horan we are going to find Louis a girl!",i said in a posh voice.We started laughing."Can i come?",he asked."Yep but hurry upppppppp",i giggled.I guided Louis through some hints to get a girl."Mm dancing is good!", i smiled.He gave me a nervous laugh.Emily and Zayn came running down the stairs laughing.I winked at them and they blushed."Louis show em ladies what your all about!",Zayn giggled."TONIGHT WERE GOING CLUBBING BABY!!",I screamed........Well this is going to be fun!!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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