It started off as 2 girls getting backstage passes to one direction!What happens when they forget their passes and their future grows from this one day?Read and find out :)


54. Day 2

kaylas pov


I didn't really sleep at all last night.There is just too much happening at the moment it's crazy!!I woke up still in my clothes from yesterday and i looked a mess.I heard people downstairs ,making alot of noise!!I still had red puffy eyes from crying and my face was pale.I went into the bathroom and and hopped into the shower.I got out and put on a pink hoodie and a pair of skinny black jeans.I didn't feel like dressing up because i wasn't really planning on doing anything!!I ran down the stairs and was shocked at what i saw.There was 2 police officers .Papparazzi outside,about 20 of them shouting at the boys to come out!The police officers were sitting on the couch drinking coffee and were chatting to Liam and Zayn .They stoop up and shook my hand and led me down to take a seat."You must be Kayla.How are you today?",a police officer asked.I smiled and nodded my head.I guess he got the idea and smiled back."We are undergoing searches for "Alan bobian" and we will contact you as soon as we find him.We have topped up your security system and if anything happens i was you to press this button",he said while handing me a necklace .I didn't know i needed all this , i mean he would never actuall hurt me!!....I think/hope!!They said their goodbyes and i finally got to think.This is getting out of hand.I need to leave.I need to give them a chance.I have done this.It's all my fault this is happening anyway!!


I chatted to Emily for awhile about the baby and when the tour finishes.The boys have had a few shows this week but witout Niall and the fans are going crazy!They have no idea where he is.I finished talking to Emily and Louis gave me some toast and i ran upstairs.I grabbed a suitcase from under my bead and started packing.I had almost everything except the clothes for tomorrow and a few things to make it look like nothing happened.I can't believe this is actually happening!I mean i actually thought of running from home but this is completely different!!I plan to leave tonight when everyone's asleep.Al of this is getting to my head i can't handle it anymore.I threw the suitcase under my bed again and went back down to the others.I took a minute to take it in.I will miss them.They helped me alot .Then Niall popped into my mind.I will have to leave my fiancè and i'm carrying his child!Will he even care though?I left my thoughts and looked up to see everyone staring at me weirdy.."Everything o-ok?",I asked confused.They all nodded and gave me funny looks.I must have been staring a bit long.....We all sat outside and paddled our feet in the pool.I sat beside Abby."This will all blow over eventually",she whispered to me.I smiled at her but knew it wasn't going to be that easy.The boys had a few beers but the girls had work so they went to bed.I joined and went to get some sleep.I leave soon.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

So sorry i havne't updated i have been very busy!!Thanks fro watching and please comment down below what you think!! LY!!

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