It started off as 2 girls getting backstage passes to one direction!What happens when they forget their passes and their future grows from this one day?Read and find out :)


35. Clubbing


We got a cab to the club.Louis was really shitting it........and i have no idea why 'cause he is such a flirt!!No need to explain.We got to the club and papparazi were everywhere!!We had to be escorted in by police.We got in and everything seemed normal."Want a drink?", Niall asked and smiled.I nodded."So see any you fancy",i winked.He was fidgeting alot and i couldn't help but giggle. Niall came back for the drinks and we chatted and laughed.I saw Louis staring at a girl."Excuse me a sec",he said still staring.I nudged Niall and he giggled.I hopped up and extended my hand out to him.He grabbed it and went up and.....well i wouldn't exactly say "Dancing" as such but we had a good time!!Louis was dancing with a pretty blonde hair girl.She looked really sweet.I saw him writing down his number and putting it in her pocket.I smiled as they kissed.I got a flashback of yesterday.I shook the thought out of my head"Looks like Louis has got himself a girl!,I hi-fived Niall . We both burst out laughing and he kissed me."You're so beautiful",He smirked.I blushed.We kept dancing and did what normal people did in a club.We drank more and more!!I excused myself from Niall and went into the bathroom.I looked at my reflection and giggled.I looked like shit.I thought of that feeling i got when i saw Louis kissing that wasn't jealousy was it?No i have Niall and i love him with all my heart!!Why would i be jealous!!I hopped when the door of the bathroom opened and two girls walked in.God she looks familiar!I pushed it to the back of my mind and went back out to Niall. He was dancing with Louis and i started to laugh at all the ridiculous moves they did!!I walked over to Niall and Kissed his neck he spun me around and kissed me.I saw out of the corner of my eye Louis looked really pissed at Niall.......what the fuck?Things are getting really strange!!The two girls came out of the bathroom and i couldn't help but stare."Niall,does that girl look familiar to you",I asked questionly.I saw his eyes getting bigger."SHIT",he said getting Louis's attention.They both looked like they just saw a ghost.It was then i remembered.........................Lucy--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

:O:O Hehehe a bit of a tie breaker there!!!!!I got a surprised update in there!!!!Its like 12:25 pm here and im exhausted ugh :(:( anyway hope u likey :):)---Roisin;);)

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