It started off as 2 girls getting backstage passes to one direction!What happens when they forget their passes and their future grows from this one day?Read and find out :)


45. Chapter 45? (Sorry couldn't think of a name :/)



I woke up and Niall had left a note on my pillow.


Hey babe,

Sorry me and the lads had to leave early for a photo shoot and interview.I am feeling better.P.S sorry i didn't wake you you looked so cute and peaceful ;)!We'll be back later.

Love you Xx

I took a shower and got dressed.I straightened my hair and put a quif in it and got into a denim play-suit and a short white cardigan and a pair of white converse.I put on a bit of make up  and made my way downstairs.I wasn't very hungry because i have been feeling sick latley .This time i ran upstairs and got sick."Are you ok?",Emily asked from behind me.I nodded my head and got sick again.It was really strange.I shook it off and went downstairs.I saw Emily looking at me .She knew something was wrong.Abby came in."Hey uh Kayla...have you told your mom your getting Married?",Abby whispered.I shook my head and sighed."I'll do it now",She smiled at me and gave me a hug.I opened the patio door and stepped out.This was going to be hard,but she never really cared about me anyway!Ever since my Dad died she has gone downhill.I loved my Dad..he was the only person i actually loved.I felt a hot tears run down my face.I dialed her number.


K:Hey mom there is something i need to tell you and i don't want you to say anything just listen to what i have to say.I am not changing my mind so nothing you can say will make me . Ok well me and Niall are getting married,and nothing you can say will change my mind.I love him with all my heart and always will.

There was silence.

K:Sorry i'm just shocked.I never really imagined you getting married this young!I mean i know you are going through with it ..but please think about what you are doing and make sure it's what you want then ok,be with the one you love.

M:Thanks mom and yes i love him and i'm not changing my mind.Love you bye.

I hung up the phone and relif hit me.I went in to Abby and told her what she said.She squeeled "Ahhhh i'm so happy for you!".I didn't get a chance to reply before a wave of nausia hit me.I ran up to the bathroom and got sick.What is wrong with me?!Abby came in and she had a look of concern on her face."Kayla is everything alright?",Abby asked concerned.I shrugged my shoulders."I don't know.....i just get sick and i don't know what it is!!Its been happining the past day or two and i'm hungry more often!!",i whispered.Abby came over and sat beside me."Um Kayla....i think you may need a ..pregnance test",She looked at me.My whole world closed in on me and i didn't hear what Abby was saying to me."Abby !Abby Abby?!?!?Are you ok?".I zoned in and nodded .She hugged me and went off to get me a few.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Heyyyyy :)So sorry i havn't updates in awhile i have been SO busy and i have cousings coming over soon so ugh very busy !!Anyway hope you liked the update please comment/like and favourite !!:):) ly

Roisin <3<3

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