It started off as 2 girls getting backstage passes to one direction!What happens when they forget their passes and their future grows from this one day?Read and find out :)


42. Celebrate

kaylas pov

I woke up and saw Niall beside me.Soon he will be here and we will be one.I got up and had a shower.I put on some cream lace shorts and a lace pink jumper.I went downstairs and saw Abby and Zayn."Heyy",i chirped."Hey ",Abby smiled back.I sat down at the table and Zayn sat opposit me."So i was thinking,when are you having a party to celebrate?",he asked.I completely forgot about that and nodded."Oh ya!",i laughed.I'll ask Niall about it when he is up."Coco",i called.I played with Coco for awhile and the other came down eventually!It was 12:00 already!!"Hey babe",Niall came up behind me and kissed me."Hey,when are we having the party to celebrate?",i asked while eating a slice of toast.He looked like he was thinking."Mm,tonight?",he asked.TONIGHT!!"But we haven't invited anyone!!",i asked nervous.He smiled."I'll call some people",he kissed me and went out of the room.I opened the back door and Abby came outside with me."I can't believe your getting married",she said giggling."I no me either!!",i smiled.We chatted about plans for the wedding until one came at me."Have you told your mum yet?",she asked.I completely forgot ..crap.I shuck my head."No",i said and she looked at me to say "Don't blame me when your in shit",she laughed.What am i going to do!!Yahaira,Emily and Abby came back out about 10 minutes later."Wanna go shoping for the party now?",Yahaira asked.Damn i forgot about that too.I nodded my head and we told the lads where we were going.There was a party shop about 20 minutes away so we decied to go there.

******In the shop********

"OMG look at these!!",Emily squeeled.We bought cups,plates,cutlery,banners saying "Congratulations.We went into the food shop and bought alcohol and snacks and food for tonight.IT all amounted to about £300!!It better be wort it!!


We got home and the lads set up for us."I invited about 50 people so we better make it good",Niall giggled.He gave me a list of guests.Ed Sheeran,Taylor swift,Little mix,Justin Beiber were the top people on the list and ALOT more people.I told Niall not to invite My mum because i don't want to tell her yet.I'll tell her when the time's right.It was all set up and all that was left was getting changed.I put on a pink/orange dress that is longer at the back then

the front and has a design at the front.I waved my hair and clipped a bit to the back.

I put on some foundation,blush,mascara,some eye shadow and i put on a bit of lipgloss.Happy with my look i put on a pair of gold strapped heels and i walked down stairs.I saw Nialls mouth drop open when he saw me."OMG Kayla you look........Amazing",he said and kissed me.The guests started to arrive and the place was packed.People were coming over and congratulating me.Even the most famous people.I have to say i was a bit starstruck!We drank alot and danced ALOT.Niall had got a DJ in for tonight and i brought him up a beer.He was grateful.


Louis pov

Kayla looked amazing tonight,but it's not my job to say it to her.The place was packed and it was a struggle to move around.I talked to Ed and Justin but didn't see anyone else because the crowd was getting to my head.I stepped out the door and was happy to be alone until i spotted someone paddling her feat in the pool.I focused my eyes and gasped when i noticed who it was.I walked over and sat down beside her.She looked at me but didn't say anything,just smiled."The crowd getting to you too",i laughed.She smiled and nodded."Yeah she sighed.We stayed silent for awhile just paddling our feet in the water."So,how you been Eleanor?",i asked breaking the silence.She shrugged her shoulders."Alright i suppose..i'm getting along anyway",she smirked.I smiled with her."what about you?",she asked."The same",i sighed.God how i missed her.I missed talking to her about things and missing her telling her everything will be ok and i just miss.....telling her i love her!." I've missed you,ya no.",i said planley .She looked at me and back down at the water."Are you going to reply?",i asked."Answer what,you missed me?",she said playing dumb."Yea"."Louis i see you for the first time in like 9 months.You havn't contacted me since we split and you come out here and tell me you missed me?!",she whispered shouted.I looked down at the water."I missed you too Louis but i'm sure you got on just fine without me!!You don't look like your hurt in any way",she shouted and was about to leave."I was afraid you would shut me off and i would just embaress myself",i said quietly.She looked at me."I loved you Louis!I still damn fucking love you and i always will!!",she shouted."Then kiss me",i said clearly.I got up and stood beside her."Wha-",she didn't get a chance to finish until i crashed my lids to hers.She kissed me back and didn't pull away.I put my hands around her waist and she put hers around my neck.The kiss got more intence .I've missed her so much.I broke the kiss and she looked down and blushed.She is so cute when she blushes."i loved you too ,I still love you",i whispered.She smiled."Eleanor,would you like to go out sometime...start over?",i asked my voice shaking.She nodded."I'd like that".I hugged her and we both went inside and i saw Abby wink at me.Stalkers!I havne't been so happy in months.

Kaylas pov

I ran over to Niall and he came with me for a dance.It was so much fun.He kissed me."I love you",he whispered."I love you more"."I love you forever",he smirked.We chatted to more people and at about 6 o clock we finally decided to go to bed.I am going to feel like shit tomorrow!!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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-Roisin <3<3XxXxXx


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