It started off as 2 girls getting backstage passes to one direction!What happens when they forget their passes and their future grows from this one day?Read and find out :)


61. Best song ever

Kaylas pov

We finally got to sleep after celebrating last night.I woke up happy for the first time in ages!The boys video for best song ever is out today and they have an interview.They have to dress up as their characters for it and they are so excited and pumped.The girls and i are so excited to see them dressed up!We drove to the studio and the make up artists got working on them.They looked so funny."Naaww Harry you look so ccuuuttteeee",I laughed and he started talking in his "Marcel voice!I hear a cough behind me and i turned around to see Niall dressed up as an old guy?I burst into fits of laughter at him and then the other lads came up and made me laugh even more!They were ready and called onstage.The crowd cheered as they took their seats.The presenter introduced their video and it played.we all laughed,smiled and sang along!At the end everyone started clapping,cheering and whistling!!


The presenter then asked the boys to say their lines that they had to do in the video.

The pleaded with her not to but she won!!Harry decided to start and he started laughing as he started.


"CUTE AS BUTTONS EVERY SINGLE ON OF YOU"He said in his "Marcel voice and everyone burst out  laughing.I looked over at Abby and she was bright red with laughter! Liam said he would go next and i saw Yahaira put her head on her hand while laughing!


"STAY WITH ME BECAUSE I'M QUITE QUICK 1234"He got up and danced while he said it!Everyone was laughing now and smiling at how silly he looked!Zayn was next and he got up and walked over to Harrry.Harry got up and started dancing with him like he did at the start of the song in the video!!

"SAID I HAD A DIRTY MOUTH"Harry sang and "Veronica" finished.

"HE GOT A DIRTY MOUTH"And fake made out with him!Everyone was laughing at them and i have to admit i was in fits of laughter too!They were so silly!!Niall and Louis decided to go next!


"I said to her,Angelina.I want to,i really really want to but what about Brad?!Brads like a son to me!

"Your a good man!".

"I know! i know!"

Everyone started to laugh and clap!


"Give it up for our amazing,Veronica,Marcel,Leeroy,Marcel and Jonny!!",The producer laughed.I looked at the girls and they all burst out laughing!!"So Niall,I hear things are getting pretty serious between you and Kayla,huh?",she asked.The whole crowd started whistling and i felt my cheeks burning!!Eleanor came up and hugged me and we both burst out laughing!"Yeah buddy!Were getting married soon and uh Kaylas expecting a baby soon too!So yeah i love her to peices",he smiled and everyone started laughing."Nawww Niall getting all sentimental",Louis joked.The producer laughed and congratulated him.I smiled at how sweet he is!!"So you all have girlfriends yeah",she asked.They all said yeap proudly and the crowd irrupted in awhh's!!All of us laughed at them!"Why don't you go and get them!?",She asked and we all exchanged glances of nervous smiles.The boys came and got us.Niall came and gave me a kiss."How am i?",he asked nervous."Amazing like always!",i said and kissed him back.The boys did the same with the others and Niall held my hand as we walked on stage.The crowd irrupted in screams and awhhh's.I shook hands with her and sat on Nialls lap.She asked us a couple of questions on our relationship and how we got on with the boys being away alot."I think we just understand now that they are so busy and that it has to be done?!I mean the boys love their job and we respect that.We get them to ourselves when we do we don't really make a big deal about it",i smiled awnsering her question and she smiled and nodded understandingly.We finished and got of stage."You ..were...incredible!",Niall giggled and kissed my nose.I smiled and higged him."I love you",i said while hugging him."I love you more!".


We left the studio awhile later after the boys signed autographs and took pictures."Well that was something!",Zayn laughed while kissing Emily.We all agreed and went out to the pool!I chatted to Emily and Liam for awhile before getting a bit tired and went up to bed.All this is making me tired!!I kissed Niall goodnight and he told me we could go nursery shopping tomorrow as he can't wait any longer!!I laughed and agreed.I checked twitter once i got into bed.I got alot of hate but alot of people were congratulating me!


"Thanks fro the congrats guys XxIt means alot to have you accept me and Niall. He really cares about you guys and we wouldn't want ye to be unhappy so thanks :)!@NiallOfficial lovee yaaaa

I got mentions 2 seconds after that..I also got one from Niall.


"@Kayla1233434 Love you too.And i love all you guys and thanks for everything you got us here!! Xx

I smiled at how much he cares.My Nialler.

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