It started off as 2 girls getting backstage passes to one direction!What happens when they forget their passes and their future grows from this one day?Read and find out :)


26. A talk


I woke up and saw Kayla beside me.I went downstairs and saw Harry was up.He didn't look the best,actually he looked horrible!!"Hey Haz wats up?",i said while pouring a bowl of cereal."Nothin",he said blandly.Strange....I shrugged my shoulder and started eating my breakfast.The rest of them came down about 20 mins later.I saw Liam talking to Zayn in the corner and Zayn was blushing.Ok im missing something."Can someone please PLEASE tell me whats goin on!",i shouted.They all looked shocked at me."Zayn and Harry!WHAT IS GOING ON!",i was angry now."Can i talk with you in private,Only Zayn Niall Liam And louis please",,Harry said while looking down.The girls went out of the room."I called Simon yesterday about Lucy.He sent me her record....he showed us the E-mail.She's a murderer guys ,she's dangerous.I asked Simon to build up our security and i think it's right if we keep the girls with us....",he said sternly.We all stared at him shocked."I understand and everything but we have the rest of out tour coming up in 3 weeks!What do we do then.......",Louis said concerned."We bring them...I mean we have to ...were not leaving them here",I laughed and they shrugged."i'm not leaving Yahaira here....",Liam spoke."Uh guys,i've something to tell ye",Zayn spoke quietly."And before i tell you you got to understand that i didn't have a choice and i couldn't tell  ye or she would get alot of hate."she"Where is he going here...."I have a girlfriend lads... i have for over a month now actually ,her name is Emily and she is really funny and sweet,I didn't tell you because i knew ye are no good at keeping things and it would get out and she would get hate...she's not ready for that yet",he spoke quietly.We stared at him shocked ....."Everything's coming out now!!",i said while laughing."Wa-i-t your not...mad?",he seemed shocked."No man !You explained so we get it",Louis smiled hitting him on the back.We all laughed and went back into the girls smiling.They looked at us strangley.I nodded at Harry."Hey Kayla can i talk to you for a second",and i saw harry doing the same to Abby.We went upstairs and sat on the bed."Whats up ?",Kayla said concerned."Whats not ",i laughed while scratching the back of my head.She smiled."Ok,Harry found out alot about Lucy and Kayla she's dangerous ....very dangerous and is most likley to never give up.We have talked to Simon to build up our security.She stared at me about to say something but i stopped her."I'm not finished",i said."We have our tour coming in 3 weeks ....and we would like to bring you and Abby with us?",i asked concerned that she would say no."Fucking hell Niall",she laughed.I saw her eyes going teary."I didn't know she was that bad.....and about the tour..i-- i dunno Nialler.It's your time not ours....i mean,im scared Niall that if something happens on tour between us what will we do then!",she whispered with tears rolling down her cheeks.I pulled her close to me."Nothing is going to happen,i love you with all me heart and will NEVER EVER lose you, i love you much that when i'm not with you i feel like a piece of me is missing and that i'm not comlete . But when i'm with you complete me Kayla.I will never let anything happen to you EVER and will love you forever",I whispered."Please Kayla...Please",I whispered into her hair.I was teary now and i saw drops of tears falling on my jeans from her.She looked up at me."Ok",she nodded.I lit up and Kissed her passionatly and we cuddled for awhile before going downstairs to tell the others.I walked in and they looked at us questonatly.I nodded and they all cheered.Abby ran over and hugged Kayla.One year with her .This couldn't get any better."I need to get stuff from me house though !",Kayla said reasuringly.I nodded and smiled."I rang Simon and asked him and he said it's fine as long as ye don't get distracted to much",Louis winked at us.I laughed and said "That's going to be a hard one",i kissed Kayla.Louis frowned."I'm the only one without a girlfriend",he whined.We all laughed at him as he pretended to cry."How about some Nandos to cheer you up ", Liam chirped to Louis.Louis smiled and we all cheered.we hopped into the car and Liam drove.We got there with loads of papparazi shouting at us and running up to us."Please can you just give us some privacy tonight"harry shouted.They didn't listen.We ran into Nandos and took a seat as far away from the door as possible!!We ordered and the papparatzi all gave up.We sat there for about 2 hours and talked.It was about half 8 when we got home.It was an unusual day.Me ,Harry,Liam , Zayn and Louis's  phones beeped.


To:The lads


You have to be in the studio at half 12 sharp tomorrow and you have and interview in the afternoon with Ellen de generous!!Don't be late!!


We all groaned and sat up.We were tired and Kayla was asleep on the couch.I carried her up to bed and kissed her goodnight."Goodnight babe",i whispered  and climbed in beside her.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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