It started off as 2 girls getting backstage passes to one direction!What happens when they forget their passes and their future grows from this one day?Read and find out :)



I woke up and saw Niall beside me.I nearly had a panick attack,until all the thoughts came flowing back to me.I stared at him for awhile and realising how cute he was when he was sleeping!I slid the hair away from his eyes and kissed him .His eyes fluttered open and he groaned.I giggled at him as he turned around to me."Hey love ,sleep alright",he said sleepily!"Yup great actually",i giggled.He got out of bed and went into the shower.While he was in the shower i got up and got dressed,put some makeup on and tied my long wavy brown hair and ran downstairs.I checked the clock and it was just 10:30.To my surprise Zayn and Harry were up."Good morning love,sleep well?" Zayn asked while pouring a bowl of cereal."Yep",i yawned.He giggled and carried on with his cereal."Hows Abs ",i asked harry.He walked over to me and sat down at the table giving me a cup of tea.I thanked him."Good shes still asleep anyway",he laughed.I also giggled at his  statement.I saw Niall come down the stairs and he gave my a kiss and hugged me,he wouldn't let and everyone was laughing at him.Silly Nialler !Abby,Liam and Louis were all up now.He finally let go and Louis decided we go out for dinner later.We all agreed .



We just hung around all day until about 4 and played a bit of football.I was surprised how good Kayla and Abby were they didn't look like the sporty tipe!And to our embarresment........they won!Like what the fuck we are football masters!Anyway it was getting late so we all went up to get ready because we were going out for dinner!Wohoo!!

Abbys pov

I was about 6 o clock so we went u pto get changed . Apperantley we were going to a posh restaurant called the coobeert down the road from where we were.I went up into my room and ran into the shower.I heard knocking on my door .It was Harry."Hey love we will be leaving in about an hour", he reasurred me."Ok ill be out soon",i shouted.I jumped out of the shower and remembered i didn't have any clothes in here with me .Shit this will be awkward."Uh Harry would you hand me my outfit that i spread out on my bed?",i said awkwardly.I heard him laugh.i wrapped myself in a towel.He opened the door a bit and handed them into me.He must of saw me because he said "Looking good love",and he winked.I just rolled my eyes and smiled.I curled my hair and m]put on a bit of makeup.I grabbed my purse,phone and money and made my way down to the others.I heard Harry whistle as i made my way over to him."You look amazing",he mumbled while kissing me."You don't look to bad yourself!",i laughed.We hopped into the car and Liam drived us.When we got there Louis went up and asked for a table for 7.I saw by her face she was a little starstruck.She pointed us to a table beside the counter.I sat beside Harry and Kayla.


Kaylas pov


Wow this place was very posh.I sat down with Niall opposite me and Abby beside me.I had a feeling this was gonna be a nice night."Hello,i'm Yahaira and i'll be your waitress tonight",she handed us the menus and i saw Liam flirting with her hmmm this could be interesting.I'm sure this won't be the last time we see her!!I picked out a meal and we ordered wine and beer.We chatted most of the night and just had fun.Wow i love these lads!!We got a taxi home at about 1:00am and we stayed up almost half the night drinking and having fun!Tomorrow morning will be interesting for all of us!!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

What do you think of that chapter ?Thanks for readinggg!!

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