It started off as 2 girls getting backstage passes to one direction!What happens when they forget their passes and their future grows from this one day?Read and find out :)


63. A new friend??!!

Kaylas pov


The boys had nothing on today but Emily and Yahaira  had work at the salon in town and Eleanor was modeling for a magazine!It was only me Abby and the boys.I walked down to the kitchen and kissed Niall."Gooodd morning sunshine",he said cheerily to me.I giggled  and Louis came down yawning."Tired?",i asked him.He nodded and went to make a cup of tea."Watch wanna do today?",Abby asked sitting beside me."I dunno,i'm feeling like  lazy day?!",I said smiling and she smiled back.Me and Abby used to have lazy days t my house years ago.We used to get dressed but not go anywhere just watch movies and eat sweets!!I asked Niall if we could leave the Nursery shopping until tomorrow because me and Abby wanted to do something different.


"How bout we involve this swimming pool in this lazy day of yours?",Harry came and sat beside Abby.I smiled and me and Abby ran upstairs to get ready.I put on my pink and blue bikinni and ran downstairs .I ran past everyone and dived into the pool forgetting i was pregnant!!"Kayla be careful will you!I'm a nervous wreck here",Niall shouted from the house.I was soon joined by Harry and Abby diving in too.I saw Niall shaking his head and Laughing as Zayn and Louis dived in too.Niall shrugged his shoulders and dived in too.Suddenly i got a small jump in my stomache.I was starting to show a bump and it was getting quite big!!Niall looked and me worried as i jumped."You ok?",he asked looking worried.I smiled,"yeah i think they just kicked ",i laughed .Niall rushed over and put his hand on my it nd they kicked again.He giggled an kissed me..


I saw Zayn jump out of the pool and walked over to his phone that was ringing.


Hey babe!

Uh yeah sure who is it?

Ok yeah were just outside in the pool!!

Ya just come around and we will be there


ok babe love yoouuu see ya later by love you!

b-b-b-bye bye bye


Was all i heard him say.I presume he was talking to Emily!I mean who else would he be saying i love you to?"Emily called saying that she is bringing someone she met today over and that she seemed nice and that we will like her!",Zayn said while getting back in the pool."Yeah i just got a text from Yahira saying that too!!I nodded while going over to Niall.He had got out of the pool and was sitting on the sun chair."You ok?",he asked while i cuddled him on the chair.I nodded.He kissed my head and sang to me.I watched Louis walking over to his phone.


Hey babe!

Yea just wanted to tell you Yahaira and Emily are bringing someone home today just so you know!

Yep i'll see you later love you too babe

bye love you

And i presume he was talking to Eleanor!Just then Yahaira and Emily walked in with a girl behind .She had short blonde hair and was wearing alot of makeup.I couldn't shrug of the feeling that i knew her from somewhere!I went up and shook her hand and gave her a hug.She seemed nice.She hugged the others too holding onto Harry that extra second longer!She must be a fan then."Does she look familiar to you?",I whispered to Niall as she was talking to Zayn and Emily."Yep,i thought i was just going mad but yea she lookes familiar!",he said with somesuspician on his mind.Her name is Abigal and i dont know anyone named that!I shrugged it off and we all went in to get some dinner.Harry had cooked some lasainge and gaerlic potatoes with a salad.I have to say.It was DELICIOUS!!"This is fantastic Harry !",i said taking another mouthful.He laughed and thanked me."So Abigal what do you do?",i asked her being polite.I saw her eyes widen but she answered anyway."I uhm i eh work in a boutique out of town",she said smiling.I nodded and went back to eating.There is something about her that gave me shivers.When we were finished i went outside with Harry."Does she look familiar to you or is it just me?!?!",he asked confused.I nodded."Me and Niall thought that too!",i said confused.We looked at eachother for a moment before he spoke "I'm determined to find out who she ACTUALLY is !!She freaks me out..........and i have a feeling she is a fan or she just clings onto me as if it's normal!",he said shivering.I laughed and we both went back inside."Anyway,i must be going but i'll come back tomorrow yeah?",she asked."No no stay stay!!",Yahaira asked."If you inssssssssist",she sighed .Ok she is really weird!!I saw Harry walk down to his room and i saw Abigal follow him.Uh oh now it's getting strange.........very strange.I heard the toilet door close.Oh she probley just wanted to go to the toilet then!!About 10 minutes passed and both of them were still down there.Me and Niall were exchanging worried glances.He pointed to the hall and i nodded.We walked down to Harrys room and listened in to their conversation.

ABIGAL:I know you like me Harry

She purred in and said it in a flirty tone.

HARRY:I have a girlfriend that i love dearly and have no interest to you what so ever!!You freak me out and i don't like you!!So please get out of my way!

Abigal: You don't mean that.

I heard some movement and looked at Niall,


Harry:Get off me ok!!I will not kiss you so just leave!!!!!!

I looked at Niall and we were about to go in before i heard her say "Fine" we both ran down to the sitting room and sat on the couch like nothing happened.I saw her walk up from the room.


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