It started off as 2 girls getting backstage passes to one direction!What happens when they forget their passes and their future grows from this one day?Read and find out :)


9. A heartbreaker

------KAYLAS POV---------..


I stared at the phone with wide eyes. Who would do this ! We have never made any enemies and anyway how the hell did they get our number and how do they know about us i thought."Um Abby what do we do...",I asked nervously. It started of so well now were getting bloody death threats ! Maybe its only someone fooling around or pranking us,it happens...............doesn't it? "I dunno Kayla maybe just wait and see , like come on its not that bad is it?It might only be a silly jealous fan..right!? She has a point ,maybe it is but whats annoying me  is how they got her number."Lets just go home and rest we will sort it out tomorrow",Abby said reasuringley .

When we got home we got into our pyjamas and watched tv. Alan Carr chatty man."AH KAYLA ITS ONE DIRECTION",She screamed.She turned up the tv."So anyone dating or have girlfriends?",Alan asked..Wow this will be interesting."Uh well me and Niall are dating",Harry spoke quietly. Everyone in the crowd started whistling.Awhh i thought."So Harry, this is the special one is it?",he said while showing a picture of him and a girl kissing."wait....thats not me ",Abby whispered.You could see Harrys eyes getting bigger and his face going pale."Uh n--no--..i me--an uh ye- that-..s her y--e NO thats not her ,he said as his eyes went all glittery and he ran out of the studio.Abby ran out of the room and you could her her sobbing."SHIT HARRY WHAT THE FUCK!",i whisper yelled!What was going on i mean i thought he loved Abby.Shit that boy has ALOT of explaining to do.........


I ran into the bathroom and saw Abby sitting on the floor with her head in her hads .I pulled her into a hug and stroked her hair."WHY ME KAYLA WHY FUCKING ME",SHE SOBBED. Thats just the question i wanted to ask him "Why"."Lets just see what he has to say , shall we?", i asked. "NO Kayla i never want to see him again!!!!!! .All he is is a heartbreaker.A sick son of a bitch!", she whispered.Ugh such a mess.First the text message then this .Watching TV was supposed to fix it and cheer us up not fucking break a heart! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

hey guys thank you so much for reading this it means alot xx!! any ideas of what will happen next ;);) <3<3 or any way i could improve PLEASE COMMENT :):)

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