It started off as 2 girls getting backstage passes to one direction!What happens when they forget their passes and their future grows from this one day?Read and find out :)


27. A girls day out



I woke up and saw no Niall beside me but there was a note.


Just gone to studio.Will be back around 5!!Take this time to hang out with Abby and have fun

Love youXx 

I sighed and got dressed into a pair of shorts and a hoodie. I went downstairs and saw Abby watching TV."Hey Abs!",i chirped while sitting down beside her."Hey!,Um i was thinking we could got and get our nails done and go to the spa because its your birthday on friday !in 3 days Kayla",she screeched."Hm yea sure!",i smiled."Ill driiivvvvvvvveeeeeee",Abby shouted.When we got to the salon Abby parked the car and we went in and sat at the counter.The women came over and asked us what we wanted done.I got a more natural summer look.

Abby got a more.......Abby look.It was very pretty.

"Ok now that we got that done i have a surprise for you.You have always said you wanted one so this is your birthday present,i don't want you to argue because its my treat",she said as we walked down the street.What is she talking about...."Abby why are we going into a...............TATOO STUDIO WHAT",i almost screamed.She smiled as i was jumping up and down and a bit over excited."Hello ladies what would you like",he asked while giving me a book full of them.I think i will go for the infinity symbol with family and friends and forever in it and i want it in fancy writing in pink and on my shoulder blade.I drew what i wanted and he started.I cringed at the pane but i got used to it.When i was finished i ran over to Abby and gave her a hug."Thanks Abs you are the best friend ever",i smiled and she laughed.We went to a coffee shop and got a sandwich and tea and it was quarter to 5 when we got home. Niall was in the kitchen and smiled when we came in."What were ye up to",Harry asked coming in and giving Abby a hug."Ohhhh just got our Nails done and",i looked down and swaw them staring."Niall was looking weirdly at me."Got a tattoo",i mumbled quietly."YOU WHAT",Niall shouted.I jumped back because i've never seen him shout at me before."Kayla.........what do you mean?",he said his voice shaking.I pulled down my t shirt and it showed my tattoo."Why would you do that without asking?",he whispered."DO I NEED YOUR PERMISSION FOR EVERYTHING!!",i shouted and ran upstairs.I thought he would be happy.I heard a knock on the door and in walked Niall.I sighed."Babe i'm sorry, i'm just a little shocked ok its really nice"he said while cuddling me."I always wanted one and Abby got it for my birthday Niall you have got to understand"."i do ",he smiled.We cuddled for awhile and all the boys came in telling me how cool it was. Zayn showed me all his and they were pretty cool!!We messed around the rest of the day and just hung out and had fun .These lads are the best.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

hey guysssssssss!!!!!!!!!! i made a mistake in the last one and called Liams gf danielle but its actually Yahaira.SORRRRYYY :):) please comment and tell me what you think thankkkkksss #:):)

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