It started off as 2 girls getting backstage passes to one direction!What happens when they forget their passes and their future grows from this one day?Read and find out :)


40. A big ?

kaylas pov

I woke up and  it was so good to finally remember everything!I woke up last night and watched the news.I never knew it was that bad with Lucy!!I'm not going to say it to them they have heard enough of her."Hey babe",Niall yawned and kissed me.We cuddled and he tickled me!"NIALL",i shouted while laughing.I'm gonna go make pancakes!!He screamed.I got up and got dressed into a pair of skinny jeans and a pink tank top and a cardigan.I ran downstairs and saw Niall had all the ingredients out.I went and joined him."Ok you can pour the flour and eggs in there!!",Niall ordered.I laughed at his command.I was finished doing that and i felt something cold on my back........."AN EGG!!NIAAALLLLLL",i shouted and giggled too.I got a handful of flour and threw it at him."Oh its on!",he whispered.He chased me around the house and fell on top of me he cuffed me to the ground and threw a handful of flour in my face.He laughed then i grabbed the egg i had with me and smashed it on his head."Whos laughing now",i stuck my tounge out at him.He kissed me and we went back into the kitchen.Abby was there."Never let me trust ye to bake EVER!!",she giggled.

We got the pancakes made and we cleaned up...eventually!Everyone smelt the pancakes and were all up .Niall ate most of them."Who wants to go to the beach/",Emily suggested.We all cheered.I ran upstairs and put on a bikini under my cloths and back down.We brought Coco and i bandaged up my arm and took my pills."You ok?",Niall asked concerned.I nodded my head and he held my hand as we walked down."I love you Kayla",he smiled."Love you more",i giggled."Not possible!",he said as he kissed me.I took of my cloths and wore a bikini and ran into the water .I saw Niall  stairing ."Like what you see Mr Horan!",i shouted up to him.He gave me the thumbs up and i burst out laughing. We ate cake and beer and chatted.I ran around with Coco for awhile,until Liam and Yahaira took over.I was kind of relieved!I sat down beside Niall and he put his arm around me.I put my head on his shoulder and he kissed my head.It has been the best seven months of my life!!The lads are back on tour tomorrow and they are really excited."Kayla will you come with me for a minute?",Niall asked quietly.I nodded and grabbed his hand.He brought me up to a cave lit with candels."Awhh this is so cute!!, i squeeled."Kayla you know i love you right?And i will never stop loving you?",he asked."Yes Niall of course i do and i love you so much to and nothing will ever tear us apart!",i  smiled.He bent down on one knee and pulled out a small square box..wait what!?!?!

"Kayla will you marry me?".-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Oh a bit of a tie breaker hehe!!Tell me what you think and love u all


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