forever young

jessie jones was a normal american teenge girl. until she hit depression. t got so bad that she attempted suicide. after spending 2 months in a ward jessie was let out. unable to cope being back in her normal american environment her mum sends her off to a small town in englan called holmes chapel. whilst thre she stays with her mums old friend anne styles and her 2 children gemma and harry. jessie starts to fall for harry but just as shes ready to move on with her life and forget her life disaster stucks and her world comes crashing down around her. can harry help her before she hits rock bottom again?.....


7. chapter 7

a/n i know i've got the chapters a bit confused but oh well :)


nialls p.o.v


she sat there with the knife in her hand.

"no jessie" i cried "dont do this to yourself"

"why not?" she asked tears filling up her eyes

"because i love you!"

"you what?!?!" came harrys voice from behind me "you say you love my girlfreind. im gonna get you horan" he picked me up and threw me off the bridge i had been sitting on.

"noooo" i screamed as i fell. i saw jessie throw the knife down after me. then her and harry walked off arm in arm whilst i drowned

*end of dream*

i woke up and stared at the ceiling. why was i feeling like this? i mean shes harrys girlfriend. he saved her life. i owe it to him not to fancy her but i cant help it. i mean shes perfect. her long blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. shes like my perfect match. like we're made for eachother. yet her and harry still look so perfect together. as long as i've known him i've never seen him so happy with a girl. everytime he looks at her he cant help but smile. hes perfect for her. now i was up i quite fancied food. i dragged myself out of bed and made my way down to the kitchen. just one niht here and we woud be on tour. i could distract myself from jessie by keeping myself busy on tour. not that it helped that she was coming with harry. i was making toast when i heard something that sounded like crying coming from the living room. i went in there to fnd jessie on the sofa. tears were rolling down her cheeks. i sat next to her and she looked up at me. she tried to smile weakly.

"whats up?" i asked

"i keep dreaming it. every night again and again. the memorie replaying in my head. it the first time since i came to england but its so bad" she wept

"its okay jessie. im here for you. so's harry." i said comforting her

"please dont tell him, i dont want him to worry!" she practically begged

"if you promise to try and stop. focus on something else. then its our little secret!" i said. she gave me a hug

"thanks niall. your the bestest friend ever. like my brother i never had" she said. well i am officially friendzoned!

"now go to bed or harry will realise you're gone" i said. she nodded her head and went up the stairs. i watchged her as she left.

'stop it niall, shes harrys' i thought to myself but it was no use. shes well and truly stuck in my head



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