forever young

jessie jones was a normal american teenge girl. until she hit depression. t got so bad that she attempted suicide. after spending 2 months in a ward jessie was let out. unable to cope being back in her normal american environment her mum sends her off to a small town in englan called holmes chapel. whilst thre she stays with her mums old friend anne styles and her 2 children gemma and harry. jessie starts to fall for harry but just as shes ready to move on with her life and forget her life disaster stucks and her world comes crashing down around her. can harry help her before she hits rock bottom again?.....


6. chapter 6

jessies p.o.v


today was the day. the day i went on tour with one direction. me and harry said goodbye to anne and gemma before getting into harrys car. we were meeting the boys at their place in london. 2 weeks had gone so quickly in holmes chapel. it felt nice to be able to relax and not constantly worry what people were thinking about me. i put the radio on. as i did little things came on.

"i love this song" i yelled before remembering who was in the car with me

"me to." he replied and started to sing along "come on then, join in" he said. i started singing. i only stopped when it got to harrys solo. i let him sing that on his own. the song ended and harry stared at me

"your really really good jessie" he said and i smiled

"thanks harry that means alot coming from somebody as amazing as you." he smiled at me. we carried on singing along to the radio all the way from holmes chapel to london. when we got there we were greeted by the boys. niall came first and bear hugged me. i winced as he caught my scar. it wasnt fully healed yet. he stared at me and lifted up my tshirt. he saw the scar then quickly put my top down. just as the other boys came out the house.

"soo um jessie yeah." niall said and i nodded

"well im jennifer, nice to meet ya." louis said

"and im liam payne"

"and im zayn. but i also answer to sexy." this one made me laugh.

"i have always wanted to meet you guys." i said and they laughed. they lead me inside and we spent the rest of that night mucking around. i went to my room about 10. we were leaving early tomorrow for the tour. we were starting in europe, then asia, then australia, america and the back to britain.

i sat on my bed and niall came in


nialls p.o.v


i walked into her room to find her sitting on her bed.

"im all ears. please explain what that scar is about." i said

"well" she began "3 years ago i came to see you. i was suffering from depression after my dad died and my mum thought it was the perfect way to make myself a bit happier. all through the concert i was. i left the concert and came to a bridge. i saw a knife. thats how my dad was killed. he was stabbed. i saw the knife and i thought that it was the best idea. i was about to kill myself when a boy appeared. he tried to stop me but he couldnt. i plunged the knife into my body. he pulled it out and used his hand to cover the hole. he wited there like that till the ambulance came. then he left. he saved my life." tears were rolling down her face

"who as this boy  do you know. i want to thank him for saving such a beautiful girls life. wherever he is i will find him." i said. she looked at me then smiled

"you wont have to look far then." she said "it was harry." i looked at her in disbelief.

"well i will let you go to sleep now. ill speak to you tomorrow. and jessie..."

"yh niall"

"if you ever need anybody to talk to i am here for you." i said before walking out of the room.

i walked up to harry.

"well done hazza, im proud of you." i said. the other boys looked at me confused

"harry and jessie will tell you when jessie is ready. just dont push her guys" i said before walking into my room and falling to sleep.


that night all i could think about was jessie.

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