forever young

jessie jones was a normal american teenge girl. until she hit depression. t got so bad that she attempted suicide. after spending 2 months in a ward jessie was let out. unable to cope being back in her normal american environment her mum sends her off to a small town in englan called holmes chapel. whilst thre she stays with her mums old friend anne styles and her 2 children gemma and harry. jessie starts to fall for harry but just as shes ready to move on with her life and forget her life disaster stucks and her world comes crashing down around her. can harry help her before she hits rock bottom again?.....


4. chapter 3

harrys p.o.v


jessie had been in her room a while. i slowly walked into her room. she was sitting on her bed looking on her laptop. i sat myself next to her. she jumped. clearly she didnt know i was there.

"im sorry." i said " i didnt mean to scare you." she gasped. then she started shaking. i saw the tears rolling down her face. i held her by the shoulders and made her face me. i looked into her eyes and she looked into mine.

"what is it jessie?" i asked. she gulped.

"i remeber you" she said

"umm. ok. i thought you did anyway"

"not in that way. i remember you... your the person that stopped me from killing myself. i recognise your voice when you said im sorry. and your beautiful green eyes that were the last things i saw before i blacked out." she said. then she fell down into her bed and stuffed her fae into her pillow. i knew i recognised her from somewhere. her beautiful blue eyes. now it came back to her.


i saw her in the front row. she was beautiful. she had long blonde hair and bright blue eyes. i couldnt stop staring at her. the concert ended and my mind was still on her. whilst the boys were still getting ready to go i decided i needed a walk. paul was fine with it. i walked out the bak door and found all the fans were at the other entrances. i walked to a local bridge. just then fog surrounded me. i could make out a girl. she was holding someething in her hand. something that glimmered and shone in the moonlight. it took me a minute to realise what it was. a knife.

"stop" i shouted. they carried on pushing.i saw the knife peirce her chest. "im sorry i dont know who you are but i cant let you do this to yourself." i pulled the knife away from her chest. she screamed. i put my hand over the gaping hole in her chest. she winced. i looked into her eyes as she drifted out of conciousness. i stayed with her till the ambulance picked her up. i wrote her a note and stuffed it into her jeans pocket before i went back to the arena. i didnt tell the boys what had happened.

*end of flashback*


millies p.o.v


i pulled out a scrumpled peice of paper from my pocket and reread it for like the millionth time.

to the beautiful girl that recieves this,

i couldnt let you do it to yourself. you may hate me but a girl as beautiful as you doesnt deserve such a short life. hopefully one day you will forgive me for what i have done. maybe one day we will meet again but this time i will be able to tell you my name. but i cant and im sorry about that. im harry. my last name can be unknown. if you find out before your ready im scared youll go back down again. i really hope to see you again and until we do you will always be on my mind. love your saviour,

harry xx

"you saved my life" i said. he smiled

"i told you we would meet again. do you forgive me?" he replied

"i do. and im sorry for what i did"

"its okay. it wasnt your fault. as long as you promise not to do it again. you know ever since i saved you that night you have been the only girl i could think about. i think i love you." he said. i felt myself blush.

"i, i , um i .." he cut me off by kissing me. he had so much passion it was unreal. we slowly parted.

"i think i love you to" i said and he smiled. dimples appeared. they were so cute. he was so cute.

"jessie i know its so soon but... will you be mine?" he asked

"i would harry, but your going on tour in 2 weeks and i wont see you for months." ii said

"come with me then."

"is that allowed?"

"yes jessie. i want you there with me.... please"

"okay harry. ill be yours and ill go on tour with you. especially if iit means that much to you. what have i got to lose. if it wasnt for you i wouldnt be here." he slowly looked at my chest and pulled my shirt up. he got to where the scar was and stopped. he gently put his hand on it and looked me in the eyes.

"i love you jessie. please promise me that you will never do this again." i looked deep into his beautiful green eyes and saw that he really mmeant it.

" i promise harry"

"good girl" he leant in and kissed me before leaving the room.

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