forever young

jessie jones was a normal american teenge girl. until she hit depression. t got so bad that she attempted suicide. after spending 2 months in a ward jessie was let out. unable to cope being back in her normal american environment her mum sends her off to a small town in englan called holmes chapel. whilst thre she stays with her mums old friend anne styles and her 2 children gemma and harry. jessie starts to fall for harry but just as shes ready to move on with her life and forget her life disaster stucks and her world comes crashing down around her. can harry help her before she hits rock bottom again?.....


3. chapter 2

harrys p.o.v


we pulled into the driveway of  my mums house in holmes chapel. me and the boys were taking 2 weeks off and i was staying here. its nice to see mum and gemma again. i have really missed them. me and jessie had talked the whole way home. she hadnt asked about one direction yet which was probably a good sign.

"so... why are you here then?" she said. i was a bit confused

"umm... to pick you up" i replied. she laughed. it was a mega cute laugh.

"i mean, why are you picking me up and not with the boys?" she said

"oh" i replied "we are taking 2 weeks off before we go on tour." she smiled.

"i saw you in america once. bout 3 months ago before i umm... i, i " she stopped speaking. i saw tears form in her eyes, i knew what she had done. mum had briefly told me about her attempted suicide already.

"its okay jessie. if you ever want to talk im here but dont make yourself uncomfortable." i said. i squeezed her hand then opened my door. i got out to see mum running down the driveway.

"jessie hunny. you probably dont remember me because you and harry were tiny when we last saw you but im anne." mum said

"hi. thanks for having me here" jessie replied. i took jessie by the hand and lead her inside. she turned to me and looked at me. i looked in her beautiful blue eyes and recognised me from somewhere. where though?


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