Separation (2


1. Separation (2)



   Time and distance make the memory fade;

   Though you can remember

   The things you did

   And who was there

   And what she said

   And how we laughed;

   But the faces lose their focus

   Slowly at first , but gathering momentum,

   Dissolving into the recesses of the mind,

   Only to be recalled with starling clarity

   By some chance remark,

   Some accidental happening

   Mirroring a time we shared.

   And so the memory lives

   By a process of regeneration,

   Rebirth, almost,

   Almost rebirth but not

   For images of the mind are not alive;

   They do not grow and age,

   But stay 

   As on that last day

   Till we should meet

   And realise the meaning of the years.



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