Summer Lovin

Teenage girl named Caitlyn meets the new boy in town on summer vacation


2. Friend Requst

woke up and checked my Facebook and Twitter like any 15 year old kid would do. everyday same thing getting called a slut, ugly ,annoying , retarded ,dumb blonde .... oh well I over look I every day , scrolling down my newsfeed is all about that damn party last night ..... then a link to a story about international pop sensation Justin Bieber spotted on public transit in his hometown Stratford Ontario Canada. HOLY CRAP THATS HERE  I scream scaring the cat out of my room ! I love Justin sooo much im a huge belieber but im never lucky enough to get tickets to see him in concert and im never lucky enough to see him when he comes home but Never Say Never right?? I clicked on the link and started reading the article about the most famous teen in the whole world I scroll down to view the pictures and as im looking at the pictures I recognize the boy from the bus last night! I stared at the picture for 30 minutes before realising that boy in the hoodie was JUSTIN DREW BEIEBER !!!!!! the new kid o the bus was JUSTIN!!! no way it was so unreal I was going nuts! I cut him off before he could finished he had his hand on my cheek how could I have not known it was Justin I must of been really tired or something because I could point Justin out of 1000000000000000000s of people this is ridiculous I don get it ..... why was he back in Stratford going to my school and why was he talking to me a ninth grader...... an ugly one too ....sitting back onto my chair taking in what was going on I hear that annoying sound from  facebook telling you have a notification .... not that I get those a lot ! I open Facebook back and close the second tab.. it was a friend request from a boy named Drew Jus ? the hell who was this they had nothing open to the public to view ... oh well ill add them maybe it will open something so I can actually find out who it is , I accept the request and it opens the page and everything was open click on the picture and it was Justin why was he adding me????




im not very good at this..... lol

sorry I didn't update I've had no ideas

had a really bad week with the bullying so I've just been coming home to listen to music and forget about the idiots calling me ugly stupid a slut (im always covered and I've not had sex soooo idk where they are getting this from) dumb blonde stuff like that I apologize for the wait

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