Summer Lovin

Teenage girl named Caitlyn meets the new boy in town on summer vacation


1. Finally Summer

The final bell rings and the whole school rushes out of the school throwing off those crappy uniforms to just be standing in their bathing suit. but not me as the whole school runs to the beach I'm going home to get prepared for another boring summer. I push my way through the kids to go empty my locker when my best friend comes running up screaming "Caitlyn lets go" ... already knew what she was going to ask me its the same thing every year and I always give her the same answer .... being polite I respond "go where Bre" "THE BEACH THE WHOLE SCHOOL IS DOWN THERE PARTYING LETSSSS GOOOOO PLEASSSSEEE" knew it .... knew she was gonna ask to go to that dumb party again.... each year all the high schools head to the beach with huge speakers and cold drinks and they kick off the summer with the biggest party of the year. "Bre you know I'm not into that kind of stuff I just want to go home it been a long day" as I finish throwing a few things into my backpack and walking away to catch the bus leaving my friend standing there alone .. getting onto the bus I notice this boy who seemed to be a little bit older than me sitting across from me, he had a uniform hoodie on but couldn't quite make out the name on it .. he had brown hair and sparkling brown eyes , I didn't notice I was staring, the boy got up and at into the seat beside me and said may I help you .... I didn't notice how cute he was from where he was before but now that he was really close i could see him better ... he was about 4 years older making him about 19, he had the cutest smile and he smelt really good.... he was talking but i kind of just zoned out when the boy started talking ... "hello? um.... hello?" i hear thinking it was the people behind me , then i feel a hand slide down the side of my cheek ... i shake my head and looking confused i grabbed the hand on my face, no one has ever touched my face unless it was mom, " you have beauti..."  before the boy could finish his sentence i pulled the bus string to warn it wa my stop .... leaving the boy in confusion made me feel bad but what could i do just sit there i think not.. i ran home and sat on my bed thinking about the boy on that bus









hey guys hoppe you like my 1st chapter :) im Caitlyn btw im 14 turning 15 in july and live in Ontario Canada

little about myself ill update soon :)

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