The Warhammer 40K Stories of Danté Ombraspada

I have long been a fan of Warhammer 40,000, and a couple of years ago I wrote a collection of short stories based around my custom Space Marine Chapter, the Dragon Knights. I'm putting them on here because I kind of want people to have a read.


6. The Relics of Calidus Draco

++The Relics of Calidus Draco++

++Recorded By - Arminus Setrus Draco++

All but three of the thirteen relics of Calidus Draco are scattered in Places of Pilgrimage across Vulcanus.
These three items are "The Fists of the Wyrm-Lords", "The Dragon's Breath" and "The Mantle of the Inferno".

++The Fists of the Wyrm-Lords++

When the legendary Calidus Draco met the Wyrm-Lords, he quickly picked up their langauge.
Amazed by the greatness of Calidus, the Wyrm-Lords fashioned for him great metal fists, crafted from the strongest of metals on Vulcanus, Vulcanite.
When Calidus returned to the Fortress Monastary, he modified the Fists, and turned them into Power Fists, to which he later attached "The Dragon's Breath."
Only one of the fists was ever worn by Calidus. Arminus Setrus Draco wears both.

++The Dragon's Breath++

The Dragon's Breath were crafted by Techmarines who were members of the Dragon Knights in commemoration of "The Battle of Eternal Flames".
It was here that Calidus Draco fought alongside three battle-brothers, each armed with a flamer.
They had accidentally been left behind in a rapid retreat when the odds had seemed to be greatly against them.
Calidus and the battle-brothers had fought off wave after wave of Daemons of Khorne.
The Dragon's Breath were attached to the underside of "The Fists of the Wyrm-Lords" upon completion.

++Mantle of the Inferno++

The Mantle of the Inferno was once the skin of a great beast that wreaked havoc upon the Wyrm-Lords of Vulcanus.
It was known as "The Drake".
Calidus had defeated the beast through great trouble.
Upon inspection, Calidus noted that the hide of "The Drake" was infused with a fiery essence.
The Wyrm-Lords had crafted a great robe from the hide, and given it to Calidus as a reward.
Calidus had worn it at all times, and in his last day, had handed it to his son Arminus.

++The Wyrm Blade++

The Wyrm Blade is placed in Wyrm Tower, which sits above the Wyrm Valley, home of the Wyrm-Lords.
The Blade was the weapon Calidus Draco held in his left hand in battle.
It had been crafted collaboratively between the Techmarines of the Dragon Knights and the Wyrm-Lords.
It had been soaked in what the medicine man of the Wyrm-Lords had called "The Sweat of the Brave".
Strangely, whenever someone who was not given the right to hold the blade laid hands on it, fear always overwhelmed them. Even a hardened Space Marine could not hold it unless given express permission to.

++Book of Infernus++

The Book of Infernus is a great book within which are recorded the duties of each Dragon Knights Company, and of every member of the Chapter itself.
It is not like the other relics in that it is stored in the grounds of the Fortress Monastary. However, it is locked in an underground chamber, which only the Chapter Master may enter.
As Pilgrimage, a Marine who travels to the site must carve their name into the wall.

++Helm of Calidus++

The Helm of Calidus is housed in the Cave of Everlasting Flames, near the Great Volcano Evorsio.
In all his life, Calidus never replaced his helmet. Modifications and repairs were made, but never was it changed.
As it currently is, it has a bionic eye, a laurel, a helmet skull, a scar-like fissure above the other eye, a section of metal coloured differently to the rest and various trophies and adornments.

++The Ashes of Calidus++

Out of the thirteen relics, the Ashes were the only ones to be non-existant during the lifetime of Calidus.
The Ashes are transferred once a year between two places.
They swap between the city of the Wyrm-Lords and the Dragon Mound near the Fortress Monastary, ensuring that the Wyrm-Lords are close to the remains of the Great Lord Draco who saved them from extinction at the hands of the Great Ork Attack, and the Dragon Knights close to their founding father.

++The Fire of Draco++

Exactly a year before his death, Calidus lit a flame within a cup of wine, and carried it from his chamber at the top of the Fortress Monastary all the way out of the gates and took it to the city of the Wyrm-Lords.
By this time, many Dragon Knights had started to follow him.
He entered the centre of the city and announced in the Wyrm-Lord tongue: "This time next year, I will have left you. This flame will burn eternally as long as the Imperium stands."
And then he threw it.
Scouts were soon sent out to find the flame, and it still burnt, despite the cup laying on it's side, with no fuel to keep the flame going.
A temple was constructed around it, and now the flame sits within the cup, on a plinth at the centre.

++Ignis Aeternus Cor++

The "Ignis Aeturnus Cor" or Heart of Eternal Flame, is a great jewel that once had a place at the centre of Calidus' chestplate.
It is now placed within the Burning Tower, a tower on the planetary opposite of the Wyrm Tower.
The "Ignus Aeturnus Cor" glows with a reddish hue at all times, and illuminates the night sky for weary travellers.

++Dagger of Faith++

The Dagger of Faith was carried in the belt of Calidus in every battle. It was never used as a weapon, but as a beacon of hope, for whenever a battle was going badly, Calidus would hold the dagger above his head and cry "We cannot lose for as long as this dagger remains in my possession!"
Hence, a battle was rarely lost whenever Calidus was present.
The Dagger is currently placed at the top of a dead volcano on Vulcanus. Fortunately for Dragon Knights on pilgrimage, there are steps to the top.

++Fires of Purity++

"The Fires of Purity" is an emblem that was bolted to the front of Calidus' chestplate.
Although nothing more than an image of a burning fire, it seemed to give him extra protection from any forms of, arguably, magic attacks.
It is recorded that "The Fires of Purity" once stopped a Daemon from possessing Draco.
The emblem is now situated in the Ork infested wastes. Fortunately, they seem to give it a wide berth.
The reasons for this are unknown.

++The Dragon Crest++

"The Dragon Crest" is a metal arc bearing the chapter symbol that was placed on the top of Calidus Draco's backpack.
He was known to set it alight at the beginning of a battle, and extinguish it at the end.
The Crest was removed from the backpack and placed in a building far to the south of the "Ignus Aeturnus Cor".

++The Banner of Calidus++

Probably one of the most iconic of all the relics, "The Banner of Calidus" sits at the top of the highest peak of Vulcanus.
Although Calidus never carried the banner himself, it went wherever he went.
Carried by his most trusted Honour Guard, the banner would fly behind him as he fought.
The banner itself shows Calidus' most memorable victory.
Before Calidus was discovered (he had not been a primarch, but one of the most gifted of Space Marines), he had fought against many Orks in the wilderness of Vulcanus.
He had defeated the equivalent of an entire WAAAGH! in his time there.
The banner shows Calidus ripping the heads off two Orks simultaneously.


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