The Warhammer 40K Stories of Danté Ombraspada

I have long been a fan of Warhammer 40,000, and a couple of years ago I wrote a collection of short stories based around my custom Space Marine Chapter, the Dragon Knights. I'm putting them on here because I kind of want people to have a read.


5. The Last Stand of Calidus Draco

The battle had lasted many a day.
The cryptic distress signal had been manufactured by the followers of Chaos, who had drawn Calidus Draco, Chapter Master of the Dragon Knights, into a trap.

Half of the 1st Company had landed on the planet of Occasus expecting to find an Imperial colony under attack from Orks. Instead, they had disembarked from their transports only to have them blown up around them, leaving them stranded, and open for attack.

The attack came mere moments later.
Three hundred Chaos Marines emerged from nearby trees and started shooting at Draco and his men.
They swiftly moved to find cover amongst the wreckage of the transports.
Next came the main charge.
Half of the Marines charged into the wreckage and began the slaughter.
Draco drew his Honour Guard around him and called Chief Chaplain Incudo to him.
"We stand here and fight, Incudo. But first, try to find an operational comms system. We must call in reinforcements."
Incudo nodded and, taking one member of the Honour Guard with him, ran to an area of wreckage.

And so it was that Incudo contacted Vulcanus, requesting immediate reinforcements. However, he knew that they would not arrive for a few days.
He reported back to Draco immediately.
"Lord Draco. They are being sent as we speak. However, I fear they will not reach us in time."
Draco sighed. "Then we will weaken these heretics as much as we can."
Incudo peered over a section of wreckage and watched as another Marine was cut down by a heretic.
Draco nodded and stood. "Heretics! Lay down your arms! Your cause is lost!
That was when the trouble really started.

Before anyone could react, a Daemon Prince was on the field, moving towards Calidus.
"It is your cause that is lost, Calidus!" it boomed.
The Honour Guard took their positions around Calidus, determined not to allow the Daemon Prince near him.
Calidus pushed through the Honour Guard.
The Daemon Prince laughed.
"What is the terror of death? That we die, our work incomplete. What is the joy of life? To die, knowing our task is done," Calidus said.
"And is your task done?" boomed the Daemon Prince.
"It is. I have travelled to every system in this galaxy. I have battled the enemies of the Imperium and held them at bay. I have lead my chapter into a new age. I have had a son."
"A son?" boomed the Daemon prince. "Well then. I guess he will lose a father." The Daemon Prince stepped forward, but was met with a volley of gunfire from meltaguns, flamers, bolters and more.
"Enough! Calidus shouted. "Everyone fight, but the Daemon and I will fight unaided! Incudo. Stay with the Honour Guard. Do not let any of the heretics near us."
Incudo nodded, and the Honour Guard set up a perimeter around Calidus and the Daemon Prince.
And so, the duel began.

"You should know, Daemon, that your forces are outnumbered."
The daemon laughed and swung his sword at Calidus, narrowly missing.
"And you, foolish mortal, should know that no one can defeat a Daemon in battle!"
Calidus pulled back and launched a jet of flame at the Daemon.
"I can play that game too!" The Daemon roared and tainted breath jetted from it's mouth.
Calidus laughed. "Do you fear death?"
"No. I am without fear!"

And so the duel continued. Not once did the Daemon score a hit. Not once did Calidus score a hit.
And then it was that the sound of ships entering the atmosphere was heard above them.
"Ah. Finally," said Calidus.
The Daemon struck him in the chest with his sword. "Fool!"
"Incudo. Get clear," ordered Calidus.
Incudo and the Honour Guard ran from the Daemon.
It laughed. "And they fear me."
And then a shadow took up position over the Daemon and the corpse of Calidus.
And then the drop pod landed.

The Daemon had tried to move, but the drop pod had been too fast.
The corpse of Calidus had been thrown clear by the impact, whilst the Daemon was crushed.
Arminus Setrus Draco, captain of the first company and son of Calidus, ran to the body.
"And so. The next Chapter Master has been chosen."


++Updated Records - Drawn From Dragon Knights Libaries++

Calidus Draco did not die at the scene of the battle.
He survived for many a day after, briefing his son on the duties as Chapter Master to the Dragon Knights.
He managed to draw every Dragon Knight from warzones in order to say goodbye to their Master.
He specified the areas where his artefacts were to be placed.
When he reached his final day, he passed "The Fists of the Wyrm-Lords" to Arminus, and entrusted with them "The Dragon's Breath" and "The Mantle of the Inferno".
So it was that Arminus became Chapter Master.
In true fashion as "The Son of the Dragon", Calidus Draco was cremated.
The cremation was witnessed by the entire Dragon Knights Chapter (excluding the Dracopyres who had not existed at the time) and the entire tribe of the Wyrm-Lords.

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