The Warhammer 40K Stories of Danté Ombraspada

I have long been a fan of Warhammer 40,000, and a couple of years ago I wrote a collection of short stories based around my custom Space Marine Chapter, the Dragon Knights. I'm putting them on here because I kind of want people to have a read.


9. Corruption of the Wyrm-Lords (Part 3)

Part 3

The Chief gathered the warriors of the city and led them to the crude buildings of the cultists.
"Heretical followers of Khorne!" he had shouted, "How dare you betray the Dragon Knights, who have done so much to protect you?"
Seeing the imminent conflict, I took hold of my meltagun.
One of the cult members walked forward, bearing the mark of Khorne on his head, and holding the symbol itself.
"The great Khorne has promised us such power!"
Telus had a lack of patience when it came to heretics, and before we could react, he had delivered a bolt to the heretic's head. A bloody mess followed.
More heretics rushed forward and placed their hands in his blood.
Telus delivered more shots.
"Telus, wait!" I ordered.
He looked at me.
"Khorne is the Blood God. Be careful how much blood you spill."

But really it was too late.
The Heretics were cutting their own throats.
And then a blood red Wyrm-Lord walked out of a house, followed by two men who were obviously members of Blood Dragons. Dragon Knights stolen from us by Khorne.
He rolled in the blood, and began to change.
The vestigial wings grew to an enormous size.
The usually small teeth grew bigger and bigger.
Claws developed on his hand.
I fired my meltagun. It hit him in the head, but he refused to die.
Then I did something that anyone would class as foolish.
I charged.
The Wyrm-Lord ++Daemon-Wyrm is possible substitute name++ did not react.
It had finished mutating.
I leapt up, slashed it's face my Lightning Claw and then fired at it with my meltagun.
The Wyrm-Lords closed in on it and started tearing it apart.
The Tactical Squad set to killing off any remaining Wyrm-Lord heretics.

So it was that the Corruption of the Wyrm-Lords was ended.


++END NOTE - Laurea was a promising individual. I saw him as becoming a great Captain. May The Emperor Bless His Soul++

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