The Warhammer 40K Stories of Danté Ombraspada

I have long been a fan of Warhammer 40,000, and a couple of years ago I wrote a collection of short stories based around my custom Space Marine Chapter, the Dragon Knights. I'm putting them on here because I kind of want people to have a read.


8. Corruption of the Wyrm-Lords (Part 2)

Part 2

The Orks attacked without warning, leaping from behind rocks or from holes in the ground.
Telus responded first, meeting blades with one of the Orks and dispatching it swiftly.
Saxum set to burning the Orks with his flamer, causing many to run in blind panic.
Now I responded. I charged forward and began cutting at them with my Power Claw, throwing my melta over my shoulder and drawing my plasma pistol.
Bolts of plasma ensured every Ork was dead before I moved on, and soon they were all dispatched.
We escaped mostly unharmed, though Brother Silex received a rather nasty injury to his shoulder.

We travelled down into the Wyrm Valley, home of the Wyrm-Lords, where we proceeded to travel to the tribe we knew were acting normally.
Due to my grandfather's ++DATA EDIT - Lord Draco's++ demands that every member of the Dragon Knights speak the language of the Wyrm-Lords (and the fact that the Gene-Seed contains knowledge of the planet, giving us command over the language), we easily entered conversation with one of the guards.
He told us that strange men arrived speaking their langauge and set up a small cult of some form in the city.
They had tried to contact us, but all messengers had disappeared mysteriously.
The Wyrm-Lords who had left the main city were members of that cult, and had taken up worship of the Chaos God, Khorne.
And so it was that Laurea, may the Emperor Bless Him, was corrrect in his assumption.
Choosing not to draw too much attention to ourselves, we travelled to their medicine man whose methods were, questionable.
He gave Silex some form of medicine, which I think he called "The Blood of the Wyrm-Gods."

We rested that night in a small hut that had belonged to one of the cultists. He had taken the tainted objects from the building, but there was still a feeling of taint in the air.
When morning arrived, I contacted the Rhino APC, and told the driver to contact the Fortress Monastary and send for a Tactical Squad.
And so it was that we waited, though not for long.
They arrived via Rhino APC, accompanied by our Rhino.
This is when a few problems started.
The chief approached me and asked "Why are you bringing soldiers into my city?"
To which I replied, "We are here to remove the heretics who worship the Blood God Khorne."
The chief did not seem to understand. "Heretics? I have seen no heretics here! I demand to speak to the Lord Arminus Draco!"
I sighed at that point. "Come with me, Chief."
He followed me to one of the Rhinos, and I set up a communication link with the Fortress Monastary, where I immediately asked to speak to my father ++DATA EDIT - Lord Arminus Setrus Draco++
He explained to the Chief that the cult members were all deemed as heretics due to their worship of Khorne.
The chief understood.
Probably too much.

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