The Warhammer 40K Stories of Danté Ombraspada

I have long been a fan of Warhammer 40,000, and a couple of years ago I wrote a collection of short stories based around my custom Space Marine Chapter, the Dragon Knights. I'm putting them on here because I kind of want people to have a read.


4. A Short History of Calidus Draco

++Calidus Draco - A Short History++

++Recorded By - Unknown++
++Due To Seemingly Expansive Knowledge Of The Life of Calidus Draco, Author Believed To Be Calidus Himself++
++There Is A Lack of Evidence To Support This Theory However++

Despite beliefs amongst some members of the Imperium, Calidus Draco was not one of the Primarchs, but by all accounts, he might as well have been.

He stood as tall as any Space Marine, but went through life with a different attitude.
As an inductee to one of the Chapters before the Horus Heresy, a terrible fate befell a ship he was travelling on, as it was destroyed.
Who or what destroyed it is unknown.
He had been the first to the escape pods, and had tried to help the rest, but it had been too late.
So he had escaped alone.
He had fallen into stasis, and drifted far to the edge of the Galaxy, where he was pulled down by the gravitational force of an unknown planet.
He had crashed into the wilderness, and his pod was swiflty surrounded by Orks.
He awoke.
The many years in stasis had caused his Gene-Seed to change, in effect, creating a new strain.
It is believed there was a fault in the stasis, as Calidus awoke almost fully developed as a Space Marine, though without full training and knowledge of his Chapter.

He had dealt with the Orks swiftly, and had wandered as a survivalist through the Wastes. During his travels, he Gene-Seed changed further, giving him an unusual knowledge of the planet.
During his travels, he came across the tribal city of the Wyrm-Lords.
The modifications his Gene-Seed had gone through enabled him to learn the Wyrm-Lord language swiftly.
And so it was that "The Fists of the Wyrm-Lords" were made.
++Contary to popular belief, they did not become Power Fists for many years++

Many years later, the Emperor himself arrived on Vulcanus, and was greeted by Calidus and the Wyrm-Lords.
Calidus instantly knew who this great man was, and bent a knee.
By now Calidus had become a saviour to the Wyrm-Lords, so they too bowed to the Emperor.

And so it was that the Emperor found an unintentional Primarch.
Although not working with him directly, the Emperor helped Calidus to found a Chapter.
The Dragon Knights.
And so it was that Calidus became, in effect, the 21st Primarch.

When the time of the Horus Heresy arrived, the Dragon Knights were unaffected at first.
But soon the heretical Legions found Vulcanus.
Though it is not recorded anywhere other than here, the Emperor himself travelled out to help Calidus and his Chapter.
It was after this Great Battle that Calidus asked the Emperor for the Dragon Knights to be given a less-direct influence.
And so it was that the cloning techniques were given permission.
This deal also, in effect, saved the Dracopyres from total annihilation.

Calidus was greatly hurt by the news of the Emperor's ascension to the Golden Throne, as he felt he had built up a kinship with the Emperor.
Hence, the Dragon Knights became deeply devoted to the cause of the Emperor.

For countless years, Calidus was the Chapter Master, until he met his end as a warrior during his Last Stand.
++Separate DATA LOG Covers This Moment - The Last Stand of Calidus Draco++
And so he met his end, but not before passing on his direct genetic heritage to his son, Arminus Setrus Draco.
Unfortunately, he never met his grandson, Anderus Ultide Draco.
And so it was that Calidus was cremated, but not before his relics were placed in their appropriate places.

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