The Movement

What would you do if you had to leave Earth to move to another planet? Without your family so you were totally alone?

When Melody is forced to leave her home and move to Syania, she is devastated.

Until she meets Gabriel who changes the way she thinks.

The way she feels.

The people she loves.


2. I am Gabriel

Gabriel's POV

I knew what I did after the cat had leaped on me was the stupidest thing I'd ever done. Even I was surprised that I had closed the girl's mouth with my hands. The first thought that ran through my mind was that I had touched an alien.


She was wriggling and I had to push her on to the floor so I could make sure she wouldn't get up. Her eyes widened in surprise and she reddened. It was clear that this was a very angry alien. I kept my hand clasped on her mouth till she had stopped squirming around and biting my hands.

"If you open your mouth to scream again I swear I'll stuff your mouth with that cat." I nodded towards the cat, which was watching us with amused eyes. "Blink once if you won't scream."

She closed her eyes tightly for a second and then opened them. If this wasn't a life or death situation I would have laughed.

I warily took my hand away from her mouth.

"Alien." She whispered it so quietly. I laughed coldly.

"Me? I'm the alien? Listen, alien, you were the one who took our planet. You were the one who killed every living thing so YOU could live her. You understand?"

She stared at me. "Your face is so much like a human's though." She seemed to be talking to herself. "You have everything in the right place. It's your eyes." She seemed lost in thought. "Oh, and please get off me."

I got off her, carefully. She quickly got up and I grabbed her again. She winced.

"Listen, alien, you better not tell ANYONE about me, or I'll die. And if I do die, I swear I'll-"

"Melanie." She interrupted. I looked at her blankly. "My name's Melanie, not alien."

"Oh." I replied stupidly. Aliens had names.

"What's yours?" she asked, curiously.

"Please promise me you won't tell anyone I'm here. I've been hiding for ages and if you tell anyone they would probably destroy me. Please?" I pronounced the last word with a desperate tone.

She smiled at me. "Course I won't tell anyone. Your name please?"

"Er... Gabriel." I tell her, slowly. She smiles again.

"Meet me here, exactly tomorow Gabriel." She smiles for a third time and then skips back in. I stare after her.


She was a very confusing alien too. Who ever thought that an alien would smile at another alien? And ask to meet it up the next day?

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