The downwards spiral. ( one direction fanfiction)

Mia is a good girl and loves her life. When her parents die the day after she is raped he loses everything and she changes but for good or bad? Where will she live now? And who will be her new family?
Just give my story a chance please I can not right blurbs. sorry.
This is not a love story.

Mia is going to be played by emma blackery.


30. Yelling

*Angel's pov*
I snuck out into the back garden and waited until they were both in the shed probably and then I slammed the door shut. I padlocked the door shut and walked off with the key. 
I ran back upstairs and then back down after thinking that I should put the key in Louis's room. I swung the door open and threw the key in the room. it hit the wall and bounced onto Louis's bed.
I closed the door and walked to the kitchen.
"Great timing do you know where Harry and Niall are?" Liam asked Putting pasta and sauce on 6 plates. 
"Nope" I said trying to hid my smirk and laugh.
" ok" Liam said, didn't really notice because he had his back to me.
A giggle escaped my mouth causing Liam to turn around. 
"What is so funny?" He said grabbing me and playfully throwing me over his shoulder. I started laughing a lot and he kept spinning in circles. I loved when he was playful like this.
Louis and Eleanor came into to the room and started laughing at the sight of Liam spinning me around. 
"Stop I can't breath" I said laughing. 
Liam chucked me onto the sofa and walked back over to the kitchen. He dropped 6 plates on the table. 
"Dinner" Liam yelled waiting for Harry and Niall to come rushing down.
Niall never missed a meal and Harry loved eating pasta.
" Where are they?" Eleanor asked. Louis wrapped his arm around Eleanor's waist and kissed her check.
"None of us know." Liam said.
" Well call me later I am gonna go grab some food from the cafe downtown." She stated. She kissed Louis and then walked out the door.

*Harry's pov

Me and Niall had down on the dusty floor waiting for someone to rescue us. I got impatient and stood up and hit the door violently. NOTHING. The door didn't move.
I sat back down and looked at Niall. 
"So what are we meant to do?" I asked Niall.
"Ummmm how about truths?" Niall said smiling from ear to ear.
"Ok i guess" I said nervously. I was so scared she would find out about the whole cutting thing. 
"What is the weirdest thing you have ever done?" Niall asked. 
"Ran down the road naked. It was a dare though." I stated.
"Course it was. " Niall said winking. We both laughed.
"What is your deepest secret?" I asked Niall.
"Wow way to get this game going!" Niall said shocked.
"You gonna answer it." I said poking Niall.
"When I was 13 my brother became anorexic and i promised my self I would never skip another meal because I was so scared he would die." Niall's words filled my head.
"Is he ok now?" I asked worriedly. 
"Yeah." Niall said starring at the floor.
I pulled him into a big hug and he buried his head in my neck. I could feel his tears dripping onto my shoulder. I rubbed circles on his back. He pulled away and wiped his eyes.
"Don't tell anyone." Niall stated.
"I wont" i said still a bit shocked.
We sat in silence and waited.

Liam's pov

We had just finished searching up stairs for Harry and Niall but we couldn't them.  
"Mia where are they?" I asked. 
She was sat on the sofa watching t.v.
"I don't know." She replied not moving.
"Come on Angel who can make people disappear for 30  minutes?" I pleaded.
"In the shed" She stated emotionlessly.
"Ok" I hurried out side to the shed.
I hit the door and pushed it. It didn't move.
"Liam??" Niall's thick irish accent sung.
"Yeah" I replied quickly.
"How did you guys get stuck in here?" I asked shouting through the door. 
"The door slammed shut and it wouldn't open again." Harry replied.
I looked down at the lock and saw the key missing.
"Do you really think it just slammed. Ya nugget." I yelled through the door.
"Who shut us in here?" 
"Mia. I think. She knew you were in here." I shouted through the door.
"I am gonna kill her." Harry yelled.
"Calm down styles." Louis said walking into the back garden with a shiny silver key in his hand.
I yanked the key out of his hand and unlocked the door. Harry and Niall flew out the door. 

*Harry's pov*
I ran indoors and straight to the living room. Where I saw Angel sat.
"Mia. Why the fuck did you do that?" I yelled at her.
"Do what? Stressy" She said turning the t.v off
"You fucking know. BITCH" I screamed. 
"Don't swear Harry." Louis said walking in the room.
"So what if you were sat in a shed for 20 minutes or so get over it." Angel shouted.
"You wouldn't like it." I Screamed.
Angel walked out of the room and walked back in 1 minute later.
"here you might need this." She said throwing a tampon at me.
"Shut up you two an just come and eat." Zayn said from the dinner table.
We both as over to the table ad ate the pasta, without talking or looking at each other. 
"Just get over it both of you." Niall said.
"Whatever." Harry muttered.

*Angel's pov*

I finished my pasta and chucked the plate in the sink.
"Liam can you still drive me?" I asked 
"yeah shall we leave now?" Liam replied.
"Where are you going?" Louis came in shouting.
"Chill Dad He is just taking me to Jersey's." I said. I slammed the front door not letting him reply.
"You just called him Dad." Liam said shocked.
'Yeah get over it." I snapped. I missed my real dad. i just wanted to cuddle up to someone all night instead of driving 45 minutes to see my friend. 
"Ok calm down." Liam stated.
I hugged him and said sorry. 

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