The downwards spiral. ( one direction fanfiction)

Mia is a good girl and loves her life. When her parents die the day after she is raped he loses everything and she changes but for good or bad? Where will she live now? And who will be her new family?
Just give my story a chance please I can not right blurbs. sorry.
This is not a love story.

Mia is going to be played by emma blackery.


33. Therapy

*Louis's pov*
I woke up and I was in a hospital waiting room.
"Liam how did we get here?" I asked.
"We drove." He replied.
"Yeah but was there police and fans? Where were we going?" I asked.
"No" Liam replied.
I looked at the others who were sat in the around waiting.
"Why are we here?" I was so confused.
"Dude have you been drinking?" Niall laughed.
"Angel hit here head when we told her about the therapy classes." Harry said.
"I just forgot ok" I complained.
"Stupid." Zayn said chucking a paper plane at me.
"Fuck off" I said.
I stood up and walked over to the window. There was a couple hundred fans stood outside.
"Yeah they followed us here." Harry said.
I just nodded. I had nothing to say. I just kept thing about the dream I had, it was really weird. 
"Come this way if you are here for Mia." A woman shouted.
We all followed her but kept our heads down.
"OMG IT IS NIALL" A girl screamed.
"OMG HARRY" Another girl shouted running up to harry.
"Hi. Can this wait we have to go." Harry said.
Tears dripped down the girls face.
"Sorry darling my daughter is waiting." I said hugging her.
"OMG Louis just hugged me" She whispered to her friends.
We left her to fangirl.
"Go away." Angel spat as we walked in.
"Hello to you too" I laughed.

*Angels's pov*
They wanted me to go to a therapy. I had heard them talking about getting me help for my drinking problem. I hate them. 
"No really go away." I said.
"Angel whats wrong?" Niall asked.
I sighed.
"I don't need help." I said.
"Angel you do." Liam said.
"What ever." I rolled my eyes.
I sat in the bed for yet another time. I waited in silence for the nurse to say something.
"You can now leave. You might feel dizzy and tired for the next couple of days but that will be normal. You did hit your head pretty hard. You need to spend a lot of time sitting down and in bed." The nurse finally said.
"That won't be hard. I have no friends." I muttered.
I got out of the bed and walked out of the room. I bumped into another doctor and everything he was holding went everywhere.
"Sorry" I said. I handed him a piece of paper and he left. 
"Angel come on we have to get going" Louis said.
"To therapy?" I asked.
"No to the moon" Louis said sarcastically.
I stood still not moving an inch. All of a sudden Zayn came up and grabbed me. He  carried me bridal style to the car meanwhile I was kicking my legs like a little kid.
"Do I have to?" I complained.
"Yes" Louis said putting the child lock on. 
I starred out the window and thought about this whole thing. Maybe it was good for me. What was I thinking. This will never be a good idea.
"Liam can I have my phone?" I asked well more ordered. I held out my hand and Liam passed me my phone.
I pulled up twitter and tweeted 'heyy guys I am now on my way to st. Andrews therapy come say hi' 
I heard the screams of fans as we pulled up. I looked out the window and there was hundreds of fans.
"How did they know?" Harry asked confused.
Niall looked a little worried. I held my hand out. He grabbed it tight.
"It will be ok" I whispered in his ear.
We stepped out holding hands and fans mobbed us. 
"Are you dating?" "How does Louis feel about this?" "How long have you been dating?" 
People screamed at us. I went to go back to the car but Niall pulled me back by his side. I ignored them and carried on walking with Niall. I think he was mostly holding my hand so I couldn't run away.
Niall pushed me indoors and slammed the doors. The others were already waiting for us. The boys looked down at our hands.
"She tried to run" Niall said.
"Mia Tomlinson." A woman called.
"When did you change her name?" Liam asked.
"I didn't." Louis replied.
"We should change her name." Liam said.
"Well I guess but she likes the name Mia wolfe" Louis replied.
"Ok so why did you book her in her as Mia Tomlinson" Liam asked.
"Because I did" Louis said.
"I am still here you know" I shouted.

"This way please Mia." The woman said. 
The woman was nice. She had shoulder length blonde hair. She was wearing a black dress that fit her nicely. She was wearing black high heels and a black jacket.
I followed her into a room and didn't bother saying bye to the boys.
"Well lets get this started." The woman said.
"Whatever." I replied rolling my eyes.
"My name is Elle" The woman said sitting down in a chair.
I sat in a chair opposite her and looked around.
"I'm Mia call me Angle" I said in a american accent.
I love american accents I don't know why.
"Ok Angle tell me why you are here." Elle said picking up and Ipad. 
Instead of answering I starred at the Ipad.
"Oh don't worry I just need to keep a recored of what is going on" Elle explained.
"Ok Well the people out there want me to stop drinking and self harming so they sent me here so you can play god." I said.

I really did sound like a bitch without evening meaning to.
"Ok. First I am not here to play god and second who are them people out there?" She asked.
"OMG" I muttered. "One direction" I replied.
"Yes I know that but who are they to you.?" Elle asked. 

"Louis is my dad." I said.
* for the rest of the time she asked me about my family and their deaths.*
I walked out and into the waiting room. 
"How did it go?" Louis asked.
"It went fine. I will never drink or cut again" I said sarcastically.
"Don't get sassy with me" Louis said.
"Whatever lets leave." I said walking out into the swarm of fans.
We sat silently in the car and drove home. I jumped straight on the sofa as the boys packed the suitcases into the car. Louis and Liam thought it would be better to leave earlier and keep me away from the alcohol. 

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